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Let’s start of with that I am a Mac user, not because I chose a Mac, however, the software I...

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Complaint to the Small Court

Dear Sir or Madam, I have made numerous attempts to find out what is going on with the claims that I made a significant time ago. I have pointed out, in the three or four emails sent, that I am no longer at the address on the...

Recent Tweets

  • @youalwaysfindme Thank you. I still cannot believe it.
  • I had a dance in the memory of my friend. RIP buddy.
  • I have just found out that someone I considered a brother died a few days ago. Tonight is dedicated to Adrian.
  • Time for Friday Night! Out of the blue I’m meeting up with an old friend and we are going out to show Winchester how it should be done :)
  • Or not, as I only had a whopping £8 left for petrol. Never mind, normally I would find out about this sort of…KwS


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