It is beyond my ability to comprehend that it has been 7 days since I placed THREE 999 calls – and I am still waiting for the Police to Attend. T
here was I thinking that waiting an hour the time before was too long!

The Police told me how serious it was to speak with me, even trying to force me to speak to yet another Officer.
However, I insisted on speaking with the Officer whom I have spent significant time educating what autism means.

Yet I have emailed him about the visit Frankenstein had from the Villagers on Tuesday – for it not to warrant any form of response.
I do not even know the total list of offences that my Attacker will face.

Sure, I have gone off and done my research, have emailed a list – but not heard back.

And so I have chased, once again, to find out what is going on.
Why still nothing after 7 days
Why not knowing any of the other things.

Must admit, feeling pretty disillusioned. Fortunately a Civil Account does not require the Police to have done anything, or the CPS to even agree to the charges.
I have to take out a Tort and seek fiscal re-imbursement, as that is the way this world works – you have wrong done to you, have money to make up for it.