Dear Sir,
This email has been a long time coming, however, I believe in giving the monkeys a fair chance before contacting the organ grinder – today was the day that pushed me over.
Let’s start with me saying that I used to run my own company, selling to people whom were millionaires, whom also ran their own companies.
One of the key things I noticed was that the people at the top didn’t realise what the staff at ground level where doing – so I make a point of letting them know.
I have been a client for almost two years, after being involved in this accident:
Since that time I have been through four lawyers and asked for five complaints to be made to your regulatory body – not that I have heard anything back.
Plus she has served her sentance and is out, living her life whilst I still have not seen a doctor.

I am someone whom is autistic, with ADHD and medium depression with major episodes, whom can now add Long Term Untreated PTSD, which is a separate disorder, and a far worse one to have, than a PTSD.
To savw retyping, here is the last complaint I send to my current lawyer, a guy called Paul.
A guy whom thinks its perfectly okay not to respond to my requests to call me, to think its okay when I tell him that as an autistic person the written word is to me what the verbal word is to you – hence me emailing him and stating I cannot read email due to anxiety – tell me that as I am emailing him its okay for him to email me back.
And lastly for me to apologise that I need to interrupt due to my disability, ADHD, making me forget the point I need to raise whilst his is talking and for him to say okay, to then tell me not to interrupt when he is talking one sentence later.
And I am supposed to believe that he is able to get the right amount for my claim?

Anyway, my letter:

After seeking legal advice due to the lack of service I believe I have received I am putting my issue in writing.
To begin with I have asked for three complaints to be raised to your Regulatory Body and have heard nothing about the resolution.

It took from March 2016 to August 2016 just to make an appointment to see the specialist that the first doctor said I needed to see. 
After seeing him it was confirmed that I have a PTSD, or rather the more nasty version of it which is known as a Long Term Untreated PTSD.
One of the main issues with having a PTSD is that the longer it is left untreated the worse that it becomes.

Due to my eidetic memory I am able to relive the accident, the trail and the verdict as if I have a screen the size of an iMax inside my head.
Things are so bad most days I wish that the car had hit me one more inch to the left and killed me – this would have saved all the pain I have gone through since and will continue to go through for the rest of my life – and the pain that it causes others to be around me, something that bothers me much more as it goes against my Moral Code to inflict pain directly, or to the best of my ability, indirectly on others.

I am now unable to ride a bike. not only was this the only way I was able to exercise it also provided relief to my disability.
Whenever I see a Q7 i have a reaction that ranges from making a noise out loud through to causing an an exits stack.
I even had to go as far and not ask a close friend, whilst he still was one, not to buy one.

I am unable to be away from my Safe Room for more than a couple of hours without panic attacks happening.
When this occurred being driven home by someone whom was a close friend and provider of possible help to reintegrate back into the world, his reaction was to stop talking to me immediately, and never again.

I can get rolling panic attacks, where one follows another, going on for a number of hours.
The whole reason the accident happened was due to me ignoring my autism, which requires routine.
Instead of going the normal way home when out on my bike, I deliberately said screw you autism, I’m going a different way.
The result?
Less than 15 minutes later someone tried to kill me.
This has had the effect that my autism still hasn’t relaxed back to a level where I am in control and not it.
This limits almost everything that I do, at all times.

I have been told to ask that you go back and sort out an additional amount as an Advance Payment.
I did have her insurances agreeing to pay £6,000 – then add I had to get a brief before paying.
When you lot went to get the money all I received was a £1000 and when asked if more could be got I was told not to pursue it.

I have sold everything I own in order to fund the hotel I am staying in.
On Sunday I sold my last possession, my car, for less than half its value and even ended up having a third of the money stolen from me by the bloke without my knowledge.

The place that I can only just afford to stay in is well below a level of acceptability.
I have been abused my a member of staff, to a level of seriousness that the police are investigating.
Just this Sunday evening, and I am still trying to comprehend how it happened, a women wouldn’t listen to me stating no to sex resulting in her having sex with me – that’s right, I got <REMOVED> last Sunday.

When speaking to an ex injury lawyer at the end of 2015 he confirmed that my eidetic memory, along with the guilt that I carry having been responsible for sending a mother of six to goal , making Christmas now unenjoyable to me as I suffer from over empathy and so cannot do anything other than try to imagine different ways that what should be the most amazing time if the year is the complete opposite, along with the untreated PTSD means my payout should be in the seven figure value.

I sat in court, and heard for the first time the incredible number and scale of lies that she told about me; the Judge claiming never to have had someone commit perjury three times in a statement, and never show any sign of remorse over what they had done.
For example the defendant claimed I reached in the window and tried to hit one of her children 

During the trial when she walked passed me she would make a point of giving me a big smile. 
During the sentencing I had her mother and best friend sitting behind me.
I had to endure an hour of them talking loud enough for someone with normal hearing and not the super sonic hearing I have.
There was comment after comment all based around them thinking it was my fault.
When the sentence was read out they both exploded into histrionics, whilst she screamed out from the box, we said no crying – just think of the children .

Even having to write this down is making me have an adverse reaction.
I should be allowed to try and forget what happened, not that someone with an edict memory can, all we can do is try to fade the brightness down, dip the saturation so the colours aren’t so bold.

Things are so bad that when something happens, like I find out in February, after waiting a month, that you are not waiting for a letter from the doctor like I was told by my third case handler, but the doctor has been waiting to see me again after the first visit August 2016 is, my Suicide Reflex kicks in.
Being autistic i am driven by logic, this makes having a Suicide Reflex even more dangerous, therefore I can solve all the issues I am having and stop hurting other people with how I am by killing myself.
After all, if any help was coming one would think three years is long enough.

The ex lawyer I spoke with, whom even worked to protect defendants (not me but her) said there are enough issues that are going to plague me for the rest of my life to make the compensation over a million. 

Therefore i am requesting that you go to her lawyers and ask for the ten percent that English law recognises as a term known as an Advance Payment.
At this point i am having to stop writing in order to manager the issues that it is causing. the autism is screaming at me to smash my head against the wall, not like i need to have anymore pain.

Did this cause him to cal me? Or what about when I send him this email, did he then call me?

Given that back at the end of 2015 I had a conversation with an ex-injury lawyer, whom worked on the defendants side, I refuse to believe that the other party would not make some form of payment if my circumstances where clearly explained
After all they have proof that something is wrong, in that you guys paid for me to see a Harley St. Doctor, after the first doctor you paid for said I had physiological issues from the accident, that must have cost at least £800 an hour.

Furthermore, you guys then paid for those two extra experts not only to assess me but to travel down to assess me.
This ex-lawyer made a point of explaining to me that he wasn’t there to make the victims life impossible, but rather to worry about the final amount paid out.
Which means that if circumstances are explained the other party would have to be pretty mean not to release some more money.
So let me be clear.

I am homeless.
I have lost most of my possession due to Kingston NHS and then Council refusing to help me.
I have around £40k worth of small claims, which is just the first batch, waiting to be heard.
However, as always with my story, its not happened and i don’t know why, nor having any ability to figure out.

Now living in Hampshire, they too are taking the same stance as Kingston – that I am lying, rather than needing help.
Even after PC Reid of the Hampshire Constabulary spent two hours on the phone to them explaining that I need help.
He has even said that I am allowed to quote him to anyone whom needs proof that I need help and am not lying scum.
He has personal experience of autism and came to see me as he was concerned for my safety when he somehow found out about me.
I got kicked out of the Basingstoke Country House Hotel for being autistic.
Apart from having a number of friends there, this was the first place my Emotional Support Animal, my 13 year old cat, was able to go outside for the first time proper in her life.
I am now living, week by week as I managed to sell off the very few things I have weigh me, in a motel by a service station.

I spend all day inside, not only due to mental health issues, but because every time I go out, my cat comes to go out with me, as she cannot understand why me being autistic has punished her.
She even gets in her mini-crate, which was her sign at the last hotel, as her way of telling me to take her out. 
As going outside can be hard to impossible for me and due to not receiving any help I was using this as EBT (Exposure Based Therapy) to fix me as well.
Now I have to deal with the guilt that me being autistic is causing stress to the animal that is there to help me deal with stress – this sort of unlogic, as I call things that are beyond illogically, makes me worse.

And now I am face with losing the last few possession I have in storage in Surbiton.
The guys there have bent over backward to help me keep them, yet there is only so much they can do. autistic person possessions are like friends to a non-autistic person.
Thus I am faced with losing friends almost as old as me.

And here is the crunch.
It is all my fault
. My fault I didn’t go my normal route home that fateful day.
My fault that Pine hated me so much she tried to kill me with less than a minutes conversation.
My fault I cannot get any help from the NHS.
My fault that I chose you guys as a law firm.

However, its my fault that I wasn’t strong enough not to break in the first place.
My fault that I haven’t been able to rebuild myself back into someone who did what they spent their whole life doing – starting from nothing and ending up with a rolling revenue.
Starting on Wednesday, this is my last week that I have possession sold to pay for.
Which means a week tomorrow I will be on the street, with my cat. And I know what that means.
So, are you telling me that if you just forward this email to the other party that they wont release some money to help the victim?
I’d write more, however, the re-realisation at how pathetic I have become has caused an episode in me, and so I must go, not even able to re-read to check for mistakes, something that is also offence to me.
Back to the last inch of whiskey than I now drink far too much off, back to my cat, whom only wants to go out, and would if she could, curse the day that this pathetic wreak of a man rescued her.

Or this letter, did he call me then?
I will be spending the weekend deciding whether to fire Slater Gordon.
And damned if it results in you trying to charge me, I will happily go to Court to demonstrate why, if I do, have been forced to do so.
Given the pathetic level of service that I have received, your unwillingness to even call me and that I STILL haven’t had anyone assess how damaging this Long Term Untreated PTSD is to me emotionally and physically – with the final straw of not bothering to get a document I went out of my way, back in August to specifically get written (as its something he has never been asked to do before) in two weeks of me asking, even after putting you directly in touch with a second person whom could have sent it to you.
Understand this, if I hadn’t lost my copy of it how different my situation would be.
This means that I have to punish myself for my stupidity.
This isn’t something I have control over. I scan and copy everything, except the one thing that would have made a difference.
And as the buck stop here, with me, no one else to blame, then make myself pay I have to do.
And that scares me to tears as no one knows how to hurt me like I do. I just don’t know why I have to.

I believe, and can demonstrate, that the lack of seriousness SG has placed on my issues has led to them becoming more worse, to the point of crippling me.
Here’s the thing, I have been in contact with another firm about suing the Police, NHS and Council.
The level of service and concern about my wellbeing in that short time has been far greater than what SG has shown in the year or so I have been a client.
In essence, I don’t believe you care whether I am a client or not. 

I now face a weekend, a week, a I do not know how long, until I get help.
Never mind that if that letter had been got I could have money that would at least give me security about my living conditions with the bonus of maybe getting therapeutic help.
I cannot stress enough how damaging this Long Term Untreated PTSD has been not only to me, but those people whom have been associated with me.
Please, prove me wrong, I know you wont call me yourself, so get the twitter account to tell me that you have got the letter and are in the final stages of getting me some money under the label of Advance Payment.
If I don’t hear that this is the case I will be left no option but to contact her insurance company myself, as, after all, I did get them to agree £6,000.
Me, an individual.
And when your firm went to get the money all they got was £1,000.
I send this in floods of tears, not know how horrific the next period of time will be, knowing that you have a life, and existence, probably friends and family.
Knowing that if you had done one simple thing in getting that letter everything would be different.
Just like if I had done one simple thing different a woman wouldn’t have tried to kill me, 6 children would not have gone without a mother for two Christmas and birthdays.
Cos its always my fault.
My fault I didn’t do the right thing, was not stronger or able to use my cleverness to actually do something other than tell people about it.
Cos the buck stops here.
I don’t pass the blame on because I know its my fault because I know I can and should always do better.
After all, its what I have spent my life having people tell me.


I spent THREE WEEKS trying to get this letter that I made the doctor write back in august, for it to finally happen.

THEN I get a call from Paul, because he has sorted £1000 advance payment – now I had sorted out a £6000 advance payment on my own, before hiring your company, for her insurers on the day of pay out to tell me I need to get a lawyer to get it.
So I did, and what did he get?
£1000 and told me to be happy with it.
To end, here is the email I sent Irvin Mitchel, whom have been more helpful and supportive that your company, when I am not even a client!


However, as an autistic, I look at it a different way.
Let’s forget about the PTSD and it apparent grasp on me that is stopping me from working again.
Let’s consider the memories that I have, of the accident, of the trial and of the sentencing. 

The accident has four distinct horrific visual memories.

The trial has five that range from not nice to unbelievable.

Then the sentencing, which has one long one of around 30mins, which was a tremendous burden.
And another one which had me sitting there, head between knees crying until the court had emptied.

Oh, then there is the knowledge of the six children that i damaged by their mother not just missing two Christmas and all those birthdays, but missing them by being in goal.
If one then, as one is driven by logic in the same way others are by emotion, assigns a monetary value to each, on a sliding scale of how bad they are.

What one then ends up with is a calculation of how many times a day I replay them to punish myself, either because I have screwed up or even worse because I did something that made me happy I need to cancel it out.

Then times that by the rough number of years I have left to live, lets say another 40, one would end up with quite a large number, well over the £2m mark.

This is how I, the client would like events to proceed.
I could then fix myself, with professional help and self help.
How does that sound?

Please call if you think that it would stand, as based on you taking the case which you already could have if I didn’t lose that letter, the fact that the man from CMHT who has a copy wont release it due to his dislike for me, and if that Emma cannot get it from top doctor.
I’m back to wishing that the largest car on the road hit me one inch to the left so i wouldn’t be writing this, and wouldn’t have hurt all the people that i have during the last three years.
Sorry, just so lost, confused, and this being a perfect example of what it is like to have an invisible disability. 

The person whom was arrested for attempting to kill me is out before ive had any help.

Sorry, am very exhausted and weak at the moment.

All the best.

And to close, when Paul called we agreed on a date that would be the latest I received the £1000, which would be tomorrow, Friday.
Yet today I am told, like all I had asked was what the weather would be like, that it could now be Monday before I get the money.

The reason I asked for a date that Paul could promise me I could have it by was that I needed to pay out to other people, and now I might have to break my word.
Something that doesn’t bother most people, something that is unacceptable to me – all I have is my word.

Not only do I have to pay people, I am staying in the hotel only due to their kindness as the bill was due Wednesday, and now there is a risk that I will lose the last, small amount of possession I have due to telling them I would be able to pay on Friday.

Oh, I was going to copy in my twitter exchange, as I do not believe in hiding what it is like to live with Complex Mental Health Issues, I went slightly off the handle today.
I dare not read it tonight, so I politely ask for you to do so, and maybe even go one stage further and read my account @edgley to see how badly this information effected me.
As someone with a high IQ and whom can present like I do, both physically and verbally I have learned that some people do not believe that clever people need help.
To those I say, people do not expect stupid people to be able to do what clever people can, so why the assumption that clever people can do stupid people stuff.

After all, I can sit here and write a letter to the CEO of a major corporation and, hopefully, have an intellectually conversation with him tomorrow, even though exempt from using the phone I am forced to in order to get the help I am allowed.
What I cannot do is feed and look after myself.
As an ultraistic person I am only able to put the good of the human race before my own self care.
Therefore, let me reassure you, that when you call me tomorrow to explain why I should risk my health, let alone payout, to your company that you will speak with a polite, well versed person.
What I do ask is if you do call and I don’t answer, or it doesn’t go through, service is bad here, please keep trying.
At no point am I dodging calls, I am too desperate to be able to do that, plus have no credit to call you so please dont waste time with voice mails.
I wish to thank you for your time in reading this, and I can but hope that you do care about the people that are your clients – the ones that let you drive that expensive car and live in that big house – not said from malice, after all we all work for money and not love.