Trying to get by in a world that just sees what they do, and hears what they want.

Now trying to Live the Life I Love, and Love I Live.

Getting by, somehow with such Issues / Conditions / Symptoms as:

– Long Term Undiagnosed PTSD
– Autism
– Bi Polar
– Tourettes


One of the last episodes of Breaking Bad gave me the words that I now use in order to express how difficult it is to communicate in Your Language,

If only I could find just the right words, and put them in just the right order
One of the last weeks that has just passed something happened that gave me the answer that I have been looking for since the start of my Mental Health Adventure; why do some people seem to get the help that I need thrown at them without even having to find out that it exists and ask for it like I always seem to end up doing (this words told to me by a random man whom walked up to me one day as I was getting out of my car after parking it at home, during our three-hour conversation),

I can feel no sympathy for you because you are clever
Now that answer has been provided I can move on from the everyday quest of the last 14 months of my life. I can start the process I was told I needed to in order to recover. The last thing I need to do is pass my tale on. Not that many of you will get it. Not that many of you will think anything other than what is this bloke moaning about.

I tell it for the few people whom I know are out there. Those rare humans whom can look at me and make an allowance for someone who looks normal, talks normal, acts normal until I do one of those things. Like I tell people, I can pass for normal, but only for a while. In order to make the most of the adventure I am about to take you on all you need to do is this, think of me as that alien the whole world seems dying to meet – the one that looks like you, but inside is as different as a man is to a woman / a dog is to a cat / a pea is to a planet. Enough, on with the show…