What the answer is of no concern.
All that is of importance is an answer.
As this allows Us to turn a Variable into a Constant (Variable class, as context is king).
And with a Constant We can make more accurate calculations.
The results allow Us to turn the Unknown into the Possible or Probable.
As to why We Need to do this, well, welcome to Autistic Musing…

It’s all about anxiety

That damned thing is at the root-cause.
As when Anxiety is Low, everything is Rosie – the Earth is almost a bearable Planet to have been assigned too.
However, when Anxiety is High all bets are off.
What might appear to be the simplest thing, a no-brainer, one of those things no-one else would ever get – and its Game Over / Insert Credit.

Which makes it a Need to reduce at a pathological level – even if it comes across to others as manipulation.
After all, that is what it is.
The difference is that when one of Us gets accused of manipulation it is the manifestation of a pathological requirement.
As, speaking stereotypically, You lot do it for personal gain – selfish reasons.

The point of this series, Autistic Musings

Is to explain the fundamental different way We look at and process being in this World and having to interact with the Native Species, Humans.
It is for me to speak as I do in my head and not to translate into Human.
I have some 40 years of looking and interacting with this World like You lot do.
Now its Law that You have to do it my way.
Which means dumping enough information that, over gosh knows how long, there is a build up of Natural Empathy towards Us.
As apposed to a more traditional Empathy of:

it must be nice to be able to say something is “bothering me” and expect it to stop just because you are Special.

Natural Empathy

So far I have only come across this Natural Empathy from interactions with parents of children on the Spectrum.

One might conclude that after spending a considerable number of years having their child react disproportional to apparently random events without thinking, 

Lying Scum

that is possible for them to think the same of me.

Less common is the reaction of,

yes I believe, as that’s the sort of person I am, yet there will come a time (normally when its me making the demand on you) that I won’t believe you and challenge you thus making it even worse.

The next reaction is the worst,

I can understand how that makes you feel.

Come on now, really?
These days I pity the poor soul whom, when given a number of chances to stop saying it, continues to slap their dick in my face telling me,

shut it – you love it

When greeted like this the response is simple – time to move on.

Back to my point

It’s the answer that matters, not what the answer is.
Sure, the actual answer might have an actual effect.
What is a given is: An Answer is a Result.
It’s one more thing known, or rather, one less thing unknown.
Resulting, in a better way, in predicting with accuracy what is about to happen.
Not that what happens, just like the actual answer, matters – it just reduces that damned constant drag of anxiety.

Yet You Humans cannot get that into Your heads.
To be clear, sure I would prefer the answer to be one thing rather than another.
One will result in an improvement in my life and the other doesn’t.
What I am saying is Emotion runs secondary, it is just another variable in the constant calculations We are always doing, pre/during/post an event is plotting the course ahead of Us like it was a flowchart, with a Venn Diagram overlaid, all governed by a Master Spreadsheet.
Now that’s an insight into what is going on inside Our heads and why We just sigh when people saying things like, you shouldn’t think so much.

Emotion Vs Logic

What concerns the Human is causing an Emotional Reaction with Their answer.
Which means that the Human can/will taint the answer in-order to fulfil some self-believed assumption about the person asking the question.
Major problem – as even a person whom I have spent a vast number of hours talking to about an even more vast range of subjects is still making Human based assumptions about me and will not take me for my word when it comes to correcting the assumption.
Give up, move on.

So hear me clear – when giving an answer to a question asked by someone on the Spectrum, what They require is an accurate answer.

They do not want You to taint it, if concerned about an Emotional Reaction then be a true friend and be by their side when it hits.

Or, the is no such thing as good or bad news, just news with differing levels of anxiety attached.

And so endth the lesson for today.