It is often cited that Autistic people do not have empathy.
I cannot say for sure as it turns out I have spent most of my life working on my Empathy Algorithm.
I used to think that this was for Good, as it allowed me to, nearly, always have whatever it was the other person wanted.
However, not so.

There is this thing called Constant Criticism.
It happens when someone says something to an Autistic person, normally uncalled for as the Autistic person didn’t ask for the other persons opinion – it was just forced upon Them, that comes across as Criticism.
Or, as I am just beginning to ponder, have I used the wrong word and should have used Demand.
As that is how it comes across – about their look, something personal etc.

An example is when someone whom was critical to my life working at the time, said to me – You need a shave.
And so, for the next month or two, I scraped away at my face daily – even though I personal prefer having one or two days stuble.
As soon as I “remembered” this, or rather that I am actually allowed to shave when I want, I went back to my normal preference.

The Need, one which I am being to realise is possible pathalogical in nature, to avoid this Constant Criticism is so great that one will go to, I’ve come to realise, extreme lengths to avoid just one instance of it.
Hence the significant diverting of System Resources to constantly evolve the Empathy Algorithm.

This means that I, a Mimic Class Autistic Person, am able to pass for Normal, but only for a while.
It means that I am able to empathise more than a NT – not that it stops NTs from telling me that I need to “look at it from the other persons point of view.”

In all my travels I have only come across one other Mimic Class.
Which is someone whom is doing nothing other than playing a role, or so it seems, to blend into the background.
As I am sure he doesn’t want to be names, lets just call him TJ. TJ is also ADHD like me.

What I mean by “Play a Role” is that when people see us, then get to hear how we speak, they make massive judgments about Us and how we should be/act.
It’s not my fault that when I speak it is more Stephen Fry that Danny Dyer (although I can do a wicked London Accent).

As for TJ I need to say one thing.
There was a time he was a photographer, able to earn a living doing so.
Whereas I am a photographer, in that I understand about the Skill, however it remains a passion.
This means that when TJ showed me a picture of some very famous person I was able to look at it and realise the Skill and Talent needed to capture someone like that.

What sort of lights did you have? – I asked.
Lights?, – TJ replied.
Yeah, in the Studio – said me

It wasn’t in a studio, it was from a car window driving past, in the rain – said TJ
Wow – said I.

Now let’s discuss humans and empathy.
Humans have empathy for a reason.
It empowers their ability to use and manipulate people for their own end.
After all, this is all part of evolution, baby.
Survival of the fittest.

Sure, there are some people whom use this power for good, yet most just add it to their collection of psychological tricks to ensure they get their own way

The empathic ability I have means I understand, as best one can when one is on the Spectrum, how Humans work.
What I mean is that I have studied enough psychological information to become a Behaviour Psychologist.
By this I mean I am not interest in the “why”, as that is an emotional answer which changes illogical, I am only interested in “the action”. By studing enough it is possible to predict, to a degree, how people will respond.

For example, when someone is hurt they are required to hurt someone back.
There is a need to pass the pain along – for whatever reason.
As someone whom warns all new friendships that I come with Collateral Damage for them, I have been victim to this a number of times.

Of course, one hopes it goes without saying, that this science is still nearer being an art than a formula.
Which means its possible to get it wrong, hence me coming up with a relative new rule of “However sure you are right, be aware that you could also be more wrong”.

To be Continued…