When one has what are known legally as “Protected Characteristics” one is, supposedly, allowed by Law, to have “Reasonable Allowances” to enable one to live a life like a “Typical Person” does.

Winchester City Council refuses to make any such allowances for me.
In full knowledge that they can get away with this sort of behaviour – as one needs to take them to Court in order to get what one is allowed.


However, the problem is far greater than just this.
The Council makes decisions not caring that by doing so they make a person subject to horrors that they never should have.
After all, I was moved into Temporary Accommodation to escape what Jenny Cook, a Housing Officer in Winchester City Council, described as a “Toxic Environment”.
Which is how she described what I was subjected to whilst staying at the Days Inn, North at Sutton Scotney.

The environment which I was moved into was, well, what does one use as a word which means something worse than Toxic?
After all, I was a guest at a hotel and so all of the abuse went on behind the scenes so to speak.
This abuse ranged from Hate Crimes to include Domestic Violence, with some Mating Crimes thrown in for good luck.
All of which I attempted to report to the Police – with not luck.
In fact, the local officer for that area is a lady by the name of Inspector Bishop.
When I tried to inform her of my Safeguarding, she just ignored me.
When I told her about the Mating Crimes all she said was “Maybe you will be more careful with your money next time.”

Some of the abuse I face now is a continuation of what the person whom attacked me said would happen, “I will finish you on this street”.
And so he managed to do so.
Granted, I didn’t fall for his attempts to manipulate me.
However, the other people whom live here seem to have fallen for it hook line and sinker.
To the point that they have become accomplices, they are “Aiding and Abetting”, making them as guilty as he is.

The rest of the abuse falls directly into the lap of Winchester City Council.
I have serious sensory issues, but not serious enough for the Council to make any attempt at a Reasonable Allowance.
I have been Assessed time and time again without being assessed as an Autistic Person.
And so I emailed, for the nth time, Graham Allen, the Head of Adult Services, telling him I cannot deal with everyone I have to deal with not being autistically aware.

How did he respond?
He got some random woman to call me up, asking me what all the problems are (as, of course, no one ever passes information around as that would help the person.
No, by making everyone whom deals with me have to ask, what is going on, means nothing ever happens), only to then tell me I was wrong.
I have been assessed as an Autistic Person, as that is the Law.
When I told her, as the Autistic Person, she was wrong, all I got was the damned “Circular Argument”.

None of which matters.
All that matters is that I am placed in a situation which is Autistic Torture.
All that matters is no one cares. No one listens, no one makes changes.
Not me, after all, I have become quite pathetic in what I am able to do, compared to what I was able to do.
One could blame the lack of support, one could blame the environment.

Yet there is no point. There is, after all, just one person to blame.

For being born Autistic.