On the 29th August, around 7.30pm, the whole world collapsed for Mr Simon Edgley, 47, when he was arrested on the Suspicion of Rape.
A charge he was then cleared of completely.
Mr Edgley spent the night in a cell in Basingstoke Police Station.
The solicitors Knight Polosn made sure that they had a solicitor in the station first thing in the morning.

Mr Edgley was represented by a man whom has worked around 200 rape charges.
The lawyer said that the allegation was not the most unsubstantiated one he had ever worked.
However, it was the second.

Mr Edgley explained that the person making the claim had an abusive history against him.
Furthermore, this person had turned violent towards him, stalked him electronically and even logged into his Social Media accounts.
The lawyer decided upon a course of action and a statement was made by Mr Edgley.

In the statement Mr Edgley deigns all allocations made against him.
It was even suggested that the other party seek legal help as the allegation does nothing more than Perverting The Course of Justice and Wasting Police Time.

Mr Edgley was then interviewed by the Police in less than 20 minutes.
At the end Mr Edgley was told that he would be released immediately, after the interview had been cleared.

It was less than two hours later Mr Edgley found himself released.
Outside the Police Station, waiting for the taxi they had ordered for him.

On the 15th September Mr Edgley connected his law firm.
Only to be told that an email had been sent, a week or so ago.
This email was to confirm that:
“All Charges have been Dropped and No Further Action to be Taken”

Which means that Mr Edgley name is now cleared of an unbelievable act.
All Mr Edgley has to do now is decide what happens next.
He explained that he had spoken to a number of people and had a list of what it has been suggested he needs to do

  • File for Perverting the Course of Justice and Wasting the Police Time
  • File for Controlling and Conceiving Behaviour
  • Report Benefit Fraud
  • Report to Child Social Services
  • File a Civil Claim against the other party for damages
  • Inform anyone with a relationship, current or past, about the other partys’ behaviour

When I looked into the details of Perverting the Course of Justice, when in connection with Rape or Domestic Abuse I found out how serious it is.
The Crown Prosecution Service states:

"A person who deliberately makes a false allegation of a crime in the knowledge that there is a risk that the police will conduct an investigation would have committed one of the relevant offences and is liable to be prosecuted subject to public interest considerations"
"Such evidence will include CCTV footage, telephone traffic, text message or other electronic message exchange...medical and scientific evidence, 999 calls..." 
"Perverting the course of justice is a serious offence. It can only be tried on indictment and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The offence is committed where a person:
- does an act (a positive act or series of acts is required; mere inaction is insufficient);
- which has a tendency to pervert; and
- which is intended to pervert the course of public justice."

When I asked Mr Edgley what was his intentions, he wanted to make it clear, and so I quote:

"Currently I have no intention of doing anything.
I am not looking for something like revenge.
Both of us had started new lives and I thought we had moved on.
Sure, I had thought we would remain friends forever, like we had spoken about.
I had even gotten past the attack attempted on my cat.
But then even more happened, showing clearly how badly this person felt about me.
It took a while for me to accept that once again I was wrong about who a person was.
And then a while more to realise that, in fact, we where never going to see each other again once one of us moved.
Of course I did, after all, the relationship was what is known as Toxic.
Even so, I would have done anything for them.
Fortunately my work has kicked off, taking up all of my time.
As well as my Charity, I now have a training company as well as my Production Company is making / finishing exciting material.
My online presence is having a major rebranding, I now have other people involved and so I am only looking forward.
But most importantly, I would not want to do anything to cause problems that might upset the new life this person has found."

Mr Edgley attitude came across as very refreshing.
And if I am honest, I am not sure that I would be forgiving.
He then asked me to finish with a quote Mr Edgley had heard:

"After all, only you humans would let something as silly as betrayal get in the way of a friendship."

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