I have now spent over six months living in Winchester City Councils Temporary Accommodation – and boy, what a six months its been!

During this time I have complained again and again about what I am made to endure, not just as an autistic but as a Human Being.

First, I am just going to list a number of issues / things I have noticed.


I have to pay directly for Gas and Electric, however, the Council are charging for Water Rates.
This is something I was not told until I had moved in, hence not able to do anything about it.
What is worse is that the Council are adding an amount on top of the correct Water Rate, meaning that they are making a profit on it!
This is confirmed due to the Council having a number of people whom pop in, randomly not matter what I say or do that states its not fair to randomly pop in to visit an autistic – when all they are asking is for a text first.
To close, just a few weeks ago the Council raise the amount to pay, per week, by over 40%.
No warning was given, just a verbal advisement that the increase was happening.
The Council have also decided to start charging for what was the free Wifi they provided.
As someone whom is trying to control the amount of debt that the Council are forcing on them, I have asked for the Wifi component to be dropped, thus lowering the increase to just over 20%.
However, as always, the Council just ignore me, even when I have put the request in writing.


The whole area is covered by CCTV cameras.
However, there is not ONE sign up telling people that this is the case – which is against the Law.
Then, when one applies to get hold of footage from the cameras, even after completling the correct Council supplied paperwork, one is NOT allowed the footage – which is again against the Law.
Yet, as always, the Council just ignore my written requests.
And when asking for another form, this time I was not even allowed the form!
The Council are a Law Until Themselves.
However, the worst park is that the Council let me think, for nearly a month, that I was safe as the CCTV camera captured everything – unless at night, when the image is too bad to be able to use! I have offered my video editing services, and use of the image enhancement features, once again to be ignored.
The ignominious thing?
That the Council took down the whole CCTV system a while ago – only to go and put it back up again!
How much did that cost, taking it down, storing it, only to then go and put the useless system back up.
Thats your Council Tax at work, folks.

Washing Machines

For some reason the Council provide housing with heating, water, cooker and a fridge, but no washing machine.
One is supposed to use the communal washing machines – which are located under MY flat.
Lets start off with the FACT that the Council has only linked the machines up to COLD water – which means one has to wash ones cloths in cold water only.
Again, I have asked the Council to confirm this and give an explanation, however they just ignore me again.
I have been down the back of the machines and can see where both water inputs, the Hot and the Cold, are both plumbed into the Cold water supply.
Next is the damage done to me being housed over a wash room which runs 7 days a week, from 6.30am to 9.30pm.
Whats the problem?
I am constantly hearing or feeling the vibration of the machines.
Now I know that when one has a neighbour whom makes too much noise the Council speaks to them to stop it.
Yet when I ask for the machines to be turned off for just one days week and the hours to be reduced to 9am to 7.30pm I am again ignore.
That is, after a staff member decided he knew better than I about what Reasonable Allowances my Protected Characteristics are allowed by Law – he hadn’t even heard of the Autism Act, let alone read what he has been legally required to do so for nearly TEN years.
Again, my complaint about discrimination against this person has just been ignored.
And so I am left here, living in what I regard as Autistic Torture.

New Building Work

I have had quite a number of meetings, with quite a varied number of staff inside my own home about things.
At all times these people have been sitting on my sofa, looking out the patio windows, across the garden and into the field.
Whilst I have sat there and complained about being Autistically Disturbed by all the noise around me, NO ONE had the balls to tell me that the field was about to be turned in over seventy houses.
This is such a total disgrace I cannot even begin to describe what its is like to be treated like this.
To be deliberately left in the dark about something that is going to change my living conditions into a living hell.

Moving On

After being moving into free Council Housing owing to living in what the Council woman, Jenny Cook, described as a Toxic Environment, I am told that those rules do not apply any more now I am living here.
Which means the attack on my home, one Tuesday night for over four hours (where someone spent that time trying to kick my door down, for reasons one can only imagine to be to continue trying to strangle me which this person did the previous Sunday).
Additionally, I made an agreement with the lady whom sorted this all out, Jenny Cook, that I had to be back within my GPs catchment area within six months to prevent him from having to legally remove me from his books.
And now we are at this six months I am told nothing is going to happen.
That, in fact, this lady would have told me anything to get me in here.
The only reason I can come up with is that the Council where paying me nearly £600 a month for Housing Benefit.
Whilst living here cost them not even £200 a month.
Once again, Excel decides whom lives or dies.

Medical Priority

There are three bands for Housing. Priority 3 is for most people.
Priority 2 is for people with medical reasons, whilst 1 is for people whom are dying.
When moving in here Jenny Cook agreed that I am Priority 2, however, nothing has been done about it.
Furthermore, according to a phone call I got last week, nothing IS going to be done about it.
Which means I am left here for at least another three months before being able to move on.

Local Residency

One is, according to Winchester Council, supposed to be a resident for 12 months before getting help from the Council.
Not true, my neighbour was housing within just ONE MONTH, whereas I was left, all on my own, for over 14 months before I reaches that point of Exploding and rushed into the Council in a total mess, begging for help.
What is the total disgrace here is that the LAW states that some is allowed help JUST being inside a County, and that there is no requirement to be there for 12 months first, the Law even states that is not right and should not be allowed.
Yet the Council just does what it wants, irrespective to Law.
The reason they can get away with this is down to the people they are serving – we are the broken, the unable to help ourselves / which means unable to take the Council to Court over their deliberate decision to over-ride the Law of this Land and do what the damned hell they want to.

Wow, I guess I am going to stop at this point and save what else I need to say for Part II of this series.