I went to bed on the night of the 23rd of March, 2012 a normal man – for one of those types whom makes his living doing something with those computer things.

I woke the next morning with a broken brain.

The next couple of months got self diagnoses of ADHD and then autism.
All confirmed by a friend, at the time, whom then admitted he had them and did wonder if I did too.
He told me he had his explosion, like it seemed to him I had just had, when I first started gaming with him.
It took him six years to return to a normal life.
This gave me a target to beat, so I set three for me.

August 2012 and what I refer to as Simons Luck stepped in for the first time.
I somehow got to see one of the countries leading experts on what it turned out had happened to me.
She gave me the name to what it was that I had,

Midlife Undiagnosed Adult Autism

Something she had spent the last fifteen years helping people like me with, and making it a personal goal to hit every shrink over the head with the adult autism hammer she came across.
After a year of helping me the stories I told of what was happening at Tolworth Mental Hospital caused her to take one of her 20 odd personal holidays off to come visit.
After the meeting with them she walked up to me in the car park and said, in the perfect way that she knew to talk to me,

Simon – you are fucked. It is worse than the fucking dark ages in there. The only way you are going to keep sane is if you remember this – everyone one you talk to is going to be thinking you are lying. Tough. In the fifteen years I been helping you lot, I have never met someone with a mouth on them like you. You are able to talk about the problems, issues and pains in a way that they almost get without even knowing what you are doing.
I am making it your moral responsibility to shout as loud as you can, to whom every you can without fail what the fuck it is like to be autistic. Because most of them can’t get past the thought that everything is their own fault.

It was this, that a man whom looked like Eddie Jordan put the other way,

no sympathy for clever people, just the burden of responsibility to help others.

One that someone whom has spent his whole life looking for what he was put here to do takes on willing.
However, in order for me to do so take a humungous amount of energy.
And i’ve been burning on reserves for years now – every now and then getting just enough of a little top enough to be able to access some more hidden internal reserve.

However, that might be over now.
Having to constantly be the one to save my situation, only to finally get the best on offer of what I need to recover and now even offering to pay the NHS back for any costs to once again be faced with the same response that I have always seemed to face – being ignored.

After the meeting, after dealing with the mental health cost of performing at that sort of level, I wrote the following email to my Care Team:

After todays meeting with the Agent for the Landlord of XXX I feel that I am being taken advantage of as a Vulnerable Adult.

I require this Official Recorded and the Safeguarding Lead of The Met to be told as well as the HEAD of Safeguarding for RBK.

- It was verbally agreed by all four parties that a new six month Short Term Tenancy Agreement was to be entered.
- You are more than aware of this as you have been fast tracking my Housing Benefit to take care of my part of the rent.
- You and I were both lead to believe that Conor Barclay (CB) and Moe Ali(MA) where going to pay what was going to be the last rent before the new agreement started. My part of the rent was going to be covered by Housing Benefit once sorted. Even the Agent was aware of this.
- The Agent offered to send you a letter stating that I was a tenant hereat least a month or two before all of this. Therefore, the Agent must be aware that I was sub letting from CB and MA. Something that can be easily seen from the transactions between myself and CB bank accounts. However, the Agent is now claiming that I am not sub letting and that I am squatting, allowing him to remove me without a Court Order.
- For reasons not required here a Safeguarding Alert was raised for me for actions taken by MA.
- MA called you up and asked if he was in any trouble, you answered however you did. It was at this point that MA told you that he and CB where moving out on the 4th and the locks where being changed on the 5th.
- At NO time did MA or CB ever tell me they where moving out. Nor that they had, for some reason, tried to make it impossible for me to continueliving here. The important bit to note is that both CB and MA knew that meant I would become Homeless. Additionally both of them knew that if I went through the homeless process I would end up harming myself, or that my only option was to go and live out of my tent in Wales. However, none of this prevented them doing what they did to actively make sure that I lost my home.
- As soon as I found out what was going on I called up the Agent and asked to make sure that the contract was still proceeding but with just me. However, despite leaving a number of messages I heard nothing from him.
- The day of the 4th came and CB and MA moved their stuff out, without a word to me. During which no care was taken with any of my possessions that needed to be moved in order to get to theirs. Neither did CMHT support me during this process, despite me asking any number of times.
- The evening of the 4th I get a phone call from someone called Morris, from the letting agency. He told me that if I didn’t pay approximately £3,000 into their account the next day that he would have the locks changed, preventing me accessing the building.
- I tried to explain to him the situation and how I had been trying to sort it for over a week but his Agent didn’t call me back. I tried to explain how the situation had been deliberately created by someone whom was being investigated for abusing me. I tried to explain that I was disabled, autistic and would be made homeless by these actions. I also said that it was my understanding that he couldn’t threaten me like that and had to get a court order for me to leave. He said he didn’t care about any of that, if the money wasn’t there I would be removed.
- I spent from 8am to 4pm sat outside waiting for the Agent. There was a period of an hour when I went inside for a nap. During that time CB and MA left 8a, with no intention of returning. I have taken numerous photographs showing the appalling condition that they thought it was okayto leave the place in.
- At 4pm I got a call from you telling me that the Agent was coming tomorrow. I managed to call the Agent later that day, and actually got hold of him. I tried to explain the complicated situation to him and tried to find some middle ground. All he did was state what Morris said, if the money isn’t paid the locks are changed.
- After some reading on the internet, I believe that both Agents did whatis called something like Landlord blackmail - ignoring the fact that any eviction needs to go via the court, and use the fear of losing ones home to get money in an unfair way.
- When the Agent turned up today he started off with their existing offer, pay £3k now or the locks get changed.
- I then spent a good 10 to 15 minutes giving him every reason I had comeacross as to how some form of Reasonable Allowance needed to be for a situation not of my creating and that I had spent the last week trying toget hold of him to sort this out before now. I even said that it could beviewed that you specifically didn’t come back to me to create this situation in order to remove me. I even explained what the Homeless option meant to me. He did not change his stance. And then I lost it and started to cry. At this point the Agent asked to speak to you and look round the house.
- You then came back and said that the Agent had spoken to you and appeared to be trying to help, now he understood better. However, the best that he could offer was to give me till Monday to pay. I asked if you could go back and find out details of me using a person to guarantee the deposit and give me till Friday to sort, rather than Monday. During our conversation the Agent returned.
- Please note that before the meeting I told you that I had found a get out clause for me - one party needs to give a months notice even at the end of the contract. Additional, rent has to be paid within 14 days of the actual rent date.
- The Agent came back with an offer. If I pay by Monday a full months rent I can stay for the month of July. After that period the Landlord didn’t want me as a Tenant and so I have to sign a document saying that Iwill leave causing no problems or taking no legal action. As I need to stay here for at least 6 months for my Recovery I asked the Agent what would it take to be able to stay for the full term. The Agent said he didn’t think that would be possible. When I asked what it was about me that made the Landlord not want me as a tenant, the Agent replied that the Landlord doesn’t take tenants on whom are claiming Housing Benefit.
- This needs to be noted as something documented everywhere as not allowed as it is Discrimination. I even checked with you after that you heard what was said and that I believe it was discrimination.
- The Agent said that during the July period it would be possible for himand me to discuss terms to stay longer. However, he warned that it might take paying the full rent up front. The Agent also was clear that their firm does not deal with Guarantors. Again, this is something that they are not allowed to do.
- And so you and the Agent are drawing up a document I am being forced tosign because the other options are too horrific. To be clear. I am not choosing to sign this of my own free will. I am being forced into signingit. Additional, the Agent was clear that the document has to be signed before the money transferred. It is my understanding that if I was to just send him the money between now and the 14 day period it is due, he is then forced to do things the legal way and serve me a notice to leave,which is either one or two months depending on the original contract type. It most likely to be a STA, which gives me two months.
- To be clear, I believe that I am being taken advantaged over and demandthat someone official steps in to protect someone whom is a Vulnerable Adult, with an Alert raised, and a recent history of extreme examples of being taken used.
- NONE of this information is to be given to the Agent. I cannot afford to do anything to upset the month that I have now been given to either sort the terms of an extension, something that I don’t believe will be possible, or find help in getting myself my home back, that two people I thought where family to me deliberately tried to make impossible for me to stay in.

Today is Wednesday, this gives the people whom are they to take care of me two days to sort this. Else, once again, I am not allowed to live a free life, as defined by the Human Rights Act. I am being forced to follow the actions of others in order to have some form of Existence. Like I have said for too long to remember, What is for Others, is not forMe.

Today I have spent trying to get from my Social Worker the bank account details of the Agent so I can pay in the rent that I have for them.
I got a message back saying he has contacted the Agent to ask for it but has not heard back.

I lost it at that point, saying that I didn’t remember asking you to ask the Agent for it.
As I gave it to you a while ago.
I even went to the Pawn Shop and got access to my iPhone to see if was on there, but it wasn’t.
Must have been the time I used my old 4s, which has now been sold.
He didn’t come back to me.

I managed to make it back before exploding into tears and sending everyone a resignation letter stating I have had enough, if its not enough that I have to sort out my problems and even offer to pay for them, then I guess I have to conclude that I am worth nothing.
Time to cut my loses and do what I promised myself for years, go out with a Bang and not a Whimper.
As my last moral responsiltuy, as laid on me by two other, I am documenting my story first.

As remember folks, it appears that no matter how good the intention is of the Law that has been introduced, people don’t get access to it until someone has taken them to Court first and made a Test Case.
Think I am at about 8 of them all to do with The Autism Act and The New Care Act.
See for yourself, I have attached the removed pages from all the laws and local polices I have gone through, some 250 odd pages.