About three weeks ago I got a visit from two of the Temporary Accommodation Team.
This was in regard to a complaint raised against me and for storing stuff in Communal Areas, as well as having a visitor over at the weekend and for smoking cannabis.
All fair enough, except it appears that the only person, out of the 8 homes here, that has to follow these rules – is me!

The Council know that they are supposed to text me before turning up.
Yet this Monday morning I was greeted with a banging against my door, whilst I happened to be in the bathroom.
After about ten minutes, the banging started again.
And so I ignored it.

This was because I didn’t think it was against the law not to answer the door.
And more importantly due to the Domestic Violence incident, where I was the Victim.
Then my phone rang.

As the call happened to be from the only person whom is on my side, I answered.
And whilst in the middle of this call, the banging started again.
So I shouted out, okay, I will answer in a minute.

I apologised to the person whom I wanted to speak to and opened the door.
Standing there was a poor mans Vinny Jones, complete in a costume that look more in place in a horror movie.
A man wearing an abattoir mask and plastic vest, looking very menacing.
Accompanied by a lady, looking far more like what one would expect a person to look like.

Before I had a chance to even say hello, the man started to have a go at me.
The important thing here, is that this man, the very first time I was forced to interact with him, had the gall to tell me how my disability effected me.
Of course I raised this as a complaint, which went ignored.
More importantly, on the few times I had spoken with him since, he never felt the need to apologise for what he did.

Given that these people have had no exposure to a High Functioning Autistic before, one would have thought he would have chosen to ask why I had shouted.
But he didn’t.
He decided to tell me off for shouting, stating that it was not a normal thing to do.
I said that I was on the phone, upstairs and knew how loud I had to speak to be heard through my front door.

I then said, it is also far from normal to keep banging on a persons door.
I was then told that after they had tried banging the first time, that they had gone round the back of my property and had seen a door open and knew that I was in.
This was not a good thing to say.

After all, I had already raised a complaint about people doing this, as it seems to be an abuse of power.
Then, I was told a complaint had been raised that I had a visitor around at the weekend and cannabis had been smoked.
What was most upsetting was their attitude.

I was already guilty in their minds.
There was no seeking to ask me what had happened.
They where just there to tell me off.

I then pointed out to them had it crossed their mind that the complaint was a continuation of the problems that the person whom attacked had been causing.
It appeared not.
What is more amazing is that I have a letter from the Council about me and moving into the property.
Now, when I did smoke, I had been completely honest to the Council about it.
And this letter stated quite clearly that the Council had looked into my situation, spoken to others about me and had decided to offer me the property.

Which means the Council knew  I smoked before offering me a place to live, and chosen to do so.
Even the Police Officer I had spoken to about the Domestic Abuse told me that the Police do not care about individuals smoking, just those selling.
However, none of this mattered.

I then got told that I was not allowed to have visitors around.
I explained that this was something that I did not know.
What I did not say was that the Council had known before the weekend that I had someone coming around – and had told me great.
I was told it was brilliant that I would be spending sometime with a friend.

Next, was a telling off for storing stuff in the rear garden.
Let me be clear.
I have a private garden, fed off the main garden.
And to to the side of my property there is a corner.
In that corner I had stored an amount of wood for my fire pit as well as a number of other, small things.

None of which impacted on anyone using the garden, nor made it unsafe.
Yet I was told I had to remove it all immediately.

Now here’s the crunch.
For the next two weeks after this visit, there was at least one other house whom had a visitor,
One that arrived during the day and stayed the night.
I asked why this person was allowed a visitor and I was not.
Of course I got no answer.

I then moved onto stuff in communal areas.
The road outside the houses had a large number of items, scattered all over the place.
Some in the road itself, other stuff blocking the door that one would used to get into the garden.
However, once again, this appeared to be okay, as the stuff is still there to this day.

And then the penny dropped.
Other houses had stuff stored outside too.
In fact, some had stuff stored on the pavement next to the road, meaning one had to walk down the road rather than use the pavement.
As someone whom has had someone try and kill them in a car already, it should not be too hard to imagine why I found it uncomfortable to be forced to walk in a road.

So what was the difference between me and these other houses?
They all have kids.
And the stuff scattered everywhere was kids stuff.
Well, until recently.
Now we seem to have someone storing their dinning room table, chairs, mattress as well as many more items.

Yet they have made no effect to move their stuff.
If anything, it seems to have gotten worse.
One might call it paranoid thinking to think that this person is doing it to show me what they can get away with.
Until one realises the person is the same person as whom came into my home and attacked me.

Fortunately, I know not to flog a dead horse.
So after asking why some people can store stuff and I cannot and being ignored, I have said, screw this, I have better things to do with my time.

Yet it is plain and simple discrimination against me.
I get a visit telling me off.
These other people get visits and it would appear nothing is said, as they still leave stuff everywhere.

So I will close with what this person told me, when we where on speaking terms.
“I can get away with anything because I am a single mum who knows how to smile sweetly”

Oh well.
Good job I am making progress with my work.
Cannot wait to get the Lambo delivered here, just before I leave this hell hole and rejoin the Human Race.