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Today I found out that, allegedly, a significant change in the policy on how one gets a Council House – has changed.

When one is homeless and found to pass certain tests, Winchester City Council can move one into what is known as Temporary Accommodation.
This is supposed to last between six and nine months, until one can find and move into a normal Council House.

This process is governed by different Bands, signifying ones importance in getting a new place.
Once this Band has been decided, as well as the number of bedrooms one is allowed, one is given access to an online system of the available properties.

This then allows one to bring up a list of what one is allowed.
However, one is not given any more than what would be considered basic information, at best.
Which does not allow those with anxiety issues, such as most might if found in this situation, any information to decided.

Once a property is found, one bids on it.
There can be many or just a few other people bidding on it.
This is where that Banding Level matters.

If one is successful, the property is theirs.
A date set to move given, and off one goes.

If one decides to change their mind, the Council does not look favourable at one.
In fact, one is only allowed to do this twice.
After which one is band from bidding for at least Six Months.

It was only as a last resort that the Council will bid on ones behalf.
Well, allegedly, according to the Housing Officer responsible to an area of Temporary Accommodation, located inside Stanmore, this policy has changed.
Something the residents are supposed to just accept verbally and not in writing.

Apparently, if one does not bid and move immediately, the Council will automatically step in and bid on ones behalf – this is what was allegedly threatened to someone today; a person whom is an Adult at Risk and a single parent.

This is, to say the least, quite a change in policy.
If, in fact, the policy has not changed, this Council Representative has just tried to bully and intimidate people into doing something the person does not want to do.

I have contacted the Council and asked for written confirmation.
I am not drawing any conclusion until I have heard from someone other that a Council Worker whom should already be under investigation for such alleged offences against another resident.

I will add details as I get them.



It has now been FOUR WORKING DAYS:

And no word from the Council about this rather serious subject.