It took Winchester City Council over a month to let residences of its Temporary Accommodation of a Bed-Bug infestation caused by one residence, giving a risk of it spreading to all of the other residences.
The attached letter was posted through our doors, letting us know what was going on, however, by waiting so long from the time they knew to the time they let the rest of us in on the secret it gave the chance of exposure to those of us whom take hygiene a lot more seriously.

Never mind the fact that the problem spreading could have been caused by the Council themselves as they refuse to let us use hot water in the washing machines they force us to use.
I have tried to get the Council to admit to not running hot water nearly a year ago.
However, as is their norm, they choose just to ignore my questions; the least they could do is stand by their decisions, giving us freedom in how we deal with it.
But no, the Council choose to abuse the power they have over the few homeless they have taken pity on and graciously decide to home by providing a sub-par arrangement.

Of course there is a need to save money and use it to provide more housing.
However, why not fire the incompetent workers or middle management types that are purely a blocking defence?
As someone whom has had to deal with these types and the condensending way they choose to speak to me all I can think is that their salary would provide another house, each year, for people whom desperately need help. Or provide more suitable housing, rather than the example of one family which are forced to live in a two room place, meaning four children have to share one bedroom.

Yet what happens is the Council know nothing will come of their decision unless they are taken to Court.
And as the people whom are desperate enough to require such housing normally come with a myriad of issues, the Council also know that the chance of that is slim to none.