And so the second day starts, after still being up at 4.30am.
Nearly made it to sleep much earlier except that I got a call from my Carer around 12.30 when the Police where in her house, after her own sister called them up, reporting her for something.

I have pleaded with Hampshire CC that this is one of the reasons for the urgency of getting me housed and not homeless
My carer would be able to stay with me and get out of her abusive family situation.
Of course still have heard nothing from them, so have mailed Graham, head of Adult Services this morning, coping in John, the MD.

As its been over a month since they knew I was now forced to be a resident of Hampshire they have had plenty of time to sort out my access to CMHT, a social worker and home options.
I have even sent them details of two places that fit what myself and the head of Occupational Therapy in Kingston Upon Thames agreed was correct for my recovery, way back in December.

Here is the mail send this morning:

Dear Graham,

Can you please get my social worker to call me asap.
I need to know when I will be seeing a shrink to start getting help for the conditions that are impacting my daily life, and stopping from doing what I want.
Also need to know what is being done about my housing.
As you have known of your responsibilities for me for over a month I am confused why this has not already happened.


If nothing has happened that I am turning to you, head of my Local Authority to make me safe, as is your legal duty under The New Care Act.

I have cc’d Ann in on this as she has spoken to me and knows how badly everything is impacting me.
Don’t forget that PC Reid has spent around two hours on the phone to Social Services around two weeks ago also to get this started, and allows me to use his name to prove I need help and I am not lying scum.
I have managed to put off losing my motel room for a while longer, not down to any help from Hampshire CC.
Which, by the way, is responsible for the cost of the room since you became away of me and thus your legal responsibility.
Of which I have attached the details once again.
Oh, as I believe in total transparency I am keep track of all of what is happening, plus communications, on my blog.
As I am increasing followers daily maybe I can do some good like I believe everyone thinks Prince Harry will have done by speaking out.
All I want is to be better, so I can go back to living a life and getting of the Never Never, as each day on it is an insult to who I am.

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