Which I guess equates to what happened this week.
Well, I got another call from the guy at S/G, and it turns out he seems to be all right.

For once started to get the reassurance that I am getting the service that one would expect from a top law firm – lets just not forget the couple of emails I had to send to the CEO and MD first to get it!
Then there was asking for another letter to give to the motel to be told when I would get the money, which I was expecting to be Monday, for them to put in writing Thursday or Friday! Bing, of the handle I went again.
Yet it did allow me to work something out.
When I ask them for a date when it will be for certain with me, they tell me one thing.
Once it goes down in writing it then becomes reworded to say, we expect – damn lawyer talk!

Then to wake on Tuesady to be told is was in and was being transferred.
This meant I had to take something called a Bus into Winchester in order to take it all out.
Now, whilst I might not have anything against travelling on a bus, my autism Sure Does.
However saved again, when my friend A said he would come with.
As the money cleared with enough time to make the last bus in, off we went.
And for the first time since being at middle school I rode on the top deck, at the front of a docuble decker bus.
Journey in was almost fun, still as I remembered as a kid, are we going to make it? feeling going under trees.

Winchester, oh wait, I discovered on route that I had forgotten my iPad, with all the places I needed to visit marked out.
I managed the panic okay, after all I could refer to the rest of my life to know that by asking people I could probable find all the places.
It was after asking the bus drive if he knew where the bank was, that A informed me that he had been there before and knew his was around. Do’h.

All went to plan, got everything done, with time to spare.
And thats when the tiredness hit.
That waiting 15m for the bus.
This time a single decker, quite full.
And this is when the realisation of why I say I cannot take the bus hit home.

There was the noise of the bus, the people in there, and the damned food they couldnt wait until they got home to eat.
Those combined smells in a restricted place.
Ended up having to spend most of the journey head in arms, eyes closed.
Great thing was A checked I was okay, they didn’t make a big deal of it – like checking every 5m, which is an acceptable thing to do, to someone other than in my position, as the energy it took.
Managed the walk home, then collapsed.
For an hour.
Then had to get up and do things, then had to help A with something, yet still couldnt sleep that night.

Next day was a wipe out.
Not only due to the day before but owing to meeting my new Scoail Worker the next day – what would she be like? How would she take me? Would she believe me?

Woke the next day for a dose of Simons Luck to happen.
Someone I contact, out of randomness responded to the man with van enquiry I had made.
Not only was his price good, upon hearing that I was staying in a motel he said where he was stay there were some flats, was I interested?
And so, the adventure began.

I asked if he would pick me up, as I would rather give him the money than a taxi, and that my meeting would be done by 3, so from 4pm onwards.
Be there in ten minutes came the answer, what else could I do but get sweeped up and go along for the ride.

And so he picked me up, told me tales of knowing all the places I did, doing firework and laser shows, flying helicopters – all I could do was sit there thinking, its happened again, Simons Luck.

We get to the place, and please, I am not knocking it, however it was not right for what I need, however, when being shown around I admitted to forgetting to mention I had a cat.
And that sealed the deal.
Cats no problem, access to the outside world from the window.
I saw three rooms, each of them fitted the billl, without fitting the bill, yet I was genuinely speachless, and have learned its better not to say its due to being autisitic.

And so, to the final part of this story, the guy starts asking me questions on the way back, as to how I had got to be where I was, and so I took the gamble and said, please dont make a big deal of it, however I am autistic.
So am I, said he, as well as being ADHD.
And so, Simons luck completled it course.

Next time, well get to the social worker, then the the new GP I met.
But for now, thats all folks.