Dear Diary,

Yes, I know I still owe you for last week.
Have written it, now fixing in Post 😉
As for this week, what has happened?

Not much really.
Been a week of work, clean, tidy.
Watched some TV and some movies.

Oh yes, managed to find TWO Will Ferrel movies I haven’t seen.
Plus I have downloaded a copy of his new film, which is in the same vein as Blades of Glory and Semi Pro.
Gonna watch it tonight and laugh my tits off 🙂

Work wise, had some good results.
Have contacted a number of Big Named Companies.
All about trying to sort out funding and sponsorship.

Hopefully Blackmagic will be on board.
And, a surprise result, looking more like Audi than MB or BMW.
Will have to wait and see though, early days.

Pretty sure that covers everything.

Oh no, WAIT!!!!



I have managed to go down a belt hole!
Seems that not being able to eat two days a week, plus all the walking I am doing, has worked!
Just got one more hole to go and I’ll be happy-ish.
Got three gyms to visit next week, all of whom want to be part of my project, so will be checking them out and making a decision.

Oh well, Diary, I guess thats it.
Was a damn good week in all.
Got loads done and progress is starting to happen.

It’s just strange.
Last time all it took was Three Years to go from a conversation to a company that was about to get a contract that would give over £1m profit a year.
This time, it’s taken three years just to get into the position where I can now spend three years as above.

Except that ain’t happening.
The Producer I have met, whom has got films into the Cannes Festival, is working with me on my screenplay.
It looks like it will take about a month to polish.
Then off I got to C4, where I know the buyer for their programmes.

Right, must go Diary, things to do 🙂
Catcha next week.