On Thursday I received a call from the Court, finally acknowledging that it accepts I am not typical and need help, only to put the onus of explaining what help onto me.

This caused a massive implosion, which I am only just pulling myself back together from, three bottles of Bourbon and but a couple of hours sleep per night, now.
I have had a go at writing such an account.
The game changer is what the users of Twitter did to help me through this time.

Which makes me required to as: is there a chance of some of you reading my attempt, and point out where I have got it wrong, so to speak.
I appreciate you all have your own lives to live, things to do or whatever else.
Yet I am still required to see if anyone could help me make sure I am getting the right point across.
I am not asking anyone to read my Court application documents, just the intro letter it seems up to me to create – which I have now learned has to be tainted by me being autistic and that this tainting may stop its effectiveness.

Here I go:

Understanding autism Vs understanding Autistics

(The soul purpose of this document is that there is finally a chance it will be read by someone whom doesn’t gloss over bits of it, someone whom understands that some laws are not optional just because the reader thinks different.
It is the last attempt at someone to try and convince a person whom could make a difference to their life, that such a difference should be made.)

English law entitles every citizen to live a life like anyone else.
If a citizen has an issue, which stops them from doing something that they could, the law recognises this and makes provisions that the appropriate type of help is available.

More formally, if one has a set of “Protected Characteristics” one is entitled to what are known as “Reasonable Allowances”, which are to be extended thus negating the negative impact.
These Protected Characteristics cover very wide ground – from the differences in gender, to whether one can hear, see or speak.
Such a massive range, yet so natively understood they can be tied together in just one section, in one law called The Equality Act.

Even the ambiguous phrase Reasonable Allowance only requires a brief mention on how far the help people require needs be extended.
Given that these two phrases are all that are needed to allow a human being to live their life, rather than just endure it, there must be a reason why so little further definition is needed.
Why is some thing so different as gender, to choose an example of what one thinks is a fundamental difference, not required to have at least a separate section, just like the difference between being able to see or not doesn’t need much explanation.
The only commonality, which does not mean causality, that I can see between them all, is that there is a physical representation of the difference, which makes it is visible. Put another way, if one can see a difference, one will accept there is a difference.
One is careful about reaching this conclusion, as it supports the point that is trying to be made.

Of all the types of Protected Characteristics, only one requires a separate law to provide information on how to help and understand.
Which must mean something, given how much further explanation the law provides, pages running into the hundreds, in separate documents – for key providers of services such as the NHS and Police.

Let me reiterate this, something so completely different as gender, as we have been told Men are from Mars and Woman from Venus, must mean something is understandable on a subconscious level to a person.
Whereas the difference between a NuroTypical person and an autistic is not understood in the same, unspoken way, thus requiring all of this extra explanation and an actual law to make it mandatory for public sector, at least, workers to read. Not choose whether to read, all or part. Not decided that they know better and go as far as ignore it all together.
It is a legal obligation of their Duty of Care to make sure that they understand the needs of people whom call themselves autistics, as opposed to expressing it sounding like an illness that could be cured – person with autism.

Speaking as an autistic whom has spent three decades learning how to fit in and be accepted “as human”, I would conclude the only way a NT can comprehend the fundamental differences between them and an autistic is to consider the autistic person as an alien being.
More so, an alien being that has, for reasons unknown to themselves, transformed into what would be considered a typical human.
With no surprise, movie lovers, for the twist to be that the merge didn’t quite work.
Not all of the alien blended into the human translation, in fact it was a total FUBAR.
All that happened was the physical and basic functioning as what it is to be human came on line, the rest is pure alien.

Something that looks, walks and talks like you, turns out to be a separate Species, existing amongst the populous.

As people have spent their life having ground into them that there are differences between people and that those differences also are accompanied by a physical representation, the two seem to have become a requirement that both need to be present for either to exist.
If a man is told by a woman that something is not possible due to the man not allowing for her to be a woman, an example I heard in the doctors surgery this week, he did not question why, just accepted it and make up the difference.
Yet when I, an autistic, say sorry I cannot do that currently, all I hear back are justifications why its okay to ignore me, why I am wrong about what I am saying or the most patronising one “don’t you worry, it will be okay.”

The only way I can describe how downgrading it is to be treated like this is to ask you to imagine having to do something you dread, not just dislike but rather something you would come up with excuse after excuse in order not to do it.
Yet you are made to do it, because the equivalent of your pet dog tells you that there is nothing to worry about, don’t be so silly, nothing will go wrong – and then for your dog to make it happen, this time dragging you along behind, on a leash.
Sure, you might need to crap and for some reason the people whom run this world make you go outside to do it, even worse, if in public with a leash around the neck.
All owing to a different species from me deems to understand my needs more than me.

Fortunately I don’t need to try and out do Jeramy Clarkson’s’ ability to create metaphors to get across differences in all those cars he drives to all those people whom never will.
This is due to the hard work of others whom made The Autism Act a reality.
What it appears I personally need to do, is make sure that every person whom should have read it not only has, but also makes available the basic right that the whole Act is based on – the only person whom truly knows what the autistic person needs, is the autistic person, so listen.
I have to ignoring why such a person with a Duty of Care wasn’t intrigued as to why some differences, or Protected Characteristics, are so unique that separate information is required to understand, and so chose to read and understand.

The part after that is where I know I need to hand over to others.
This is where I must pass on my trust to a person whom knows Autistics, such as the mother whom helped me out via a scream for help over Twitter, the only medium this autistic person has found he can reach people whom accept/understand and support him when in great need.

I am not passing this onto a person whom knows about autism, such as the Harley Street doctor I spent an hour on the phone to last week, nor the lady from the Top London Autistic Hospital whom spent an hour assessing me.
As the person that the law is there to represent, I understand the irony of not getting what it was created to allow.
As if it did, it wouldn’t been needed, just mentioned in the section that covers all those other differences.

However, this stops now.

I am a living example of what the Autism Act is there to prevent: the total degrading and humiliation of someone whom looks normal yet turns out to be anything else.
I have heard enough excuses, “what do you want? To meet each week or not meet at all as I cannot provide what the law states you are allowed.”
It has cost me everything to prove, time after time, why the correct person to be listened to, asked what is wrong and needs to be done, is me.

I believe that due to the unbelieving general attitude of Kingston NHS, CMHT, Council and Police I have been exposed to horrors that have scared me for life.
I have lost parts of my personality that I wish I could have back.
And I have learned things that I never should have known, let alone that the exposure has fundamentally changed who I am.

So grand is all of this that one has encountered, one believes it cannot be real. Must be in ones head.
Then something happens, something reaches through and makes one realise that its not just a couple of things done wrong, oh no, its worse that making a woman live like a man, of a different skin colour, whilst also taking away their hearing and sight

Therefore I must insist on these following points:
– As Per The Care Act, with the explanations provided, grant me my right to feel safe.
– To allow me to work towards the life I want to live, am able to live, rather than the one I am forced to endure.
– To provide a person whom understands autistics to go through the five years of travesty that I have undergone and provide, in the correct language, the level of Wilful Neglect up to 40 people have caused me to endure.
– If the request to be made safe is not granted, then I require this magical person whom understand autistics to be made available before this application is considered.
– That’s right, I am so concerned that the basic right which a person walking off the street and asking their council to be made safe, without need to provide proof as is now law, will somehow apply to others, and not to me. After all, it would have only taken 1 of those 40 people to have got it and I would not be here.
– I am demanding my legal right to have such a person present to aid the court in understanding the difference between human and autistic.
– However, for the last five years all I have done is battle to find just the right words and put them in just the right order, to get such help. Therefore I expect there to be some hidden rule to suddenly appear that prevents it from happening.
– OR DO I ?