Please excuse the rushnessed of this, I have so much information I’ve just gone into autistic overload at the thought I could be providing information to people whom deserve help – as thats what I’ve spent the last few years investing my life towards.


So, this is just the first draft to get something up to get people thinking about what is out there – only if you know to ask

But please excause me, I have SO much more information to ask, I just hope something is better than nothing.

ESA Support

Severe Disability Premium

Budgeting Loans

Bill Payment Help

PIP – Its all down to making sure you use the exact keyword they are after / doesn’t matter if you say the same thing, without the right keyword you wont get the point / google the keyword for your conditions

More about keywords

Personal Budgets

Personal Health Budgets

The Care Act Factsheet

The New Care Act, easy read

Information on the New Carers Act

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act