18th April, 2017

Dear Sir,

  1. I am contacting you as you are the head of my new Local Authority.
  2. I have Complex Mental Health Issues, along with such conditions as being Autistic, ADHD, Long Term Untreated PTSD as well as being homeless. I am also an Adult at Risk, with two Safeguarding Alerts raised – with a note asked to be added by myself, “No matter how clever he appears he can be stupidly naive as to how the world works, to a level that most people will not believe possible”.
  3. The need to contact you is that Hampshire County Council have been aware of me for over a month, and have done nothing to help me, despite all the attempts I have made in order to get such help.
  4. These contacts started with reporting into a Safeguarding Officer, Paul Penney, at Basingstoke County Council up to contacting Graham, head of adult services, as well as yourself – only to be ignored.
  5. I am requesting, as per The New Care Act requirement, that my Local Authority makes me safe, and then investigates to see if I am being truthful or just lying scum – please note that PC Reid of the Hampshire Police Constabulary not only has allowed me to use his name to vouch for being in need of help, but has also spent around two hours of his own time speaking with the County Council to get me help, for nothing to happen.
  6. I have enclosed the relevant pages from the Department of Healths publication, Care and Support Statutory Guidance. I have also enclosed a document I have had to put together myself in order to explain what it is like dealing with a High Functioning Autistic person, as I have yet to find someone whom has read the statutory guidance, issued in 2010, in relation to the Autism Act, 2009.
  7. As the Protected Characteristics of autistic people are so misunderstood they require their own law – unlike other Protected Characteristics of, or example, blind or deaf people.
  8. I have, so far, only been able to keep a roof over my head by selling off the last few remaining possessions I have – something that is mentioned in the Human Rights Act as unlawful.
  9. I have already provided details of the only two properties that I can find that fit the requirements of my recovery, as agreed by the Head Occupational Therapist of Kingston Upon Thames.
  10. Please note that my officially recognised Carer is needing to move immediately too. Not just to provide the daily help that the OT said it “was obvious that you need”, but also to escape her abusive family.
  11. Just last night I had her on the phone as the police where around her house due to the harassment her sister shows against her. This is something that I have reported before to Kingston Met, and have done again today.
  12. So please Sir, provide the help that the law says me and my carer are allowed. After all, it’s been a month and I do not have a Social Worker, access to CMHT or the psychological help I so desperately have been seeking since breaking in 2012.
  13. And with each passing moment, despite all the work that I do everyday to try and improve my Complex Mental Health Issues, my conditions get worse. And every document dealing with recovery clearly states that accommodation is central to recovery and that prevention is key / requirement in order to provide the Duty of Care that people such as yourself have over someone like me.
  14. As for contacting me, I am medical exempt from most, as they are supposed to go through my Social Worker. Therefore, I am having to do something, which just because I can doesn’t mean I should, and provide my phone number and ask people to call me on that:
  15. I look most forward to speaking with you soon, as every day counts in stopping this worsening of my condition and will allow me to start recovery and become, once again, a contributing member of society.

Yours Sincerely,