On Friday 13th December, autistic father Lee Bracken, travelled from Devon to London.
The reason? To take a message to educate the Police in autistics and what makes a Hate Crime – when it does not involve Race or Sex.

I had the privilege to meet Lee on the second day of his first ever visit to London.
The purpose was to take some film of Lee in action, on this day of Election Results.

We managed to take footage of Lee in action, some featuring Police Officer after Officer just walking by, taking no notice.
Of the few that did take a look at the message – not one stopped to ask about it.

After the footage was taken, I got the chance to finally have a chat with Lee.
The first thing that was apparent is that Lee is taking this very seriously, something I believe the Police should also be.
To hear account after account of this amazing man and his family being put through situation after situation, which should never have occurred.
Then to hear about how the Police handled it, well, it was disgusting.

Soon to be added is what Lee has to say, and of course, the story of Harry and the justice he should receive.