Dear Sir or Madam,

I have made numerous attempts to find out what is going on with the claims that I made a significant time ago.
I have pointed out, in the three or four emails sent, that I am no longer at the address on the papers and that the person I put down as my contact is no longer my contact.

I have asked for a REASONABLE ALLOWANCE for my PROTECTED CHARACTERISTICS by asking for a phone call to let me know what is going on.
I have also apologised if it takes a number of calls to get through to me, at no time am I dodging any attempt at contact.

One must admit at not being surprised at this, for both times I had to appear at the County Court my REASONABLE ALLOWANCE for my PROTECTED CHARACTERISTICS were ignored by the Court.
I was even told by the Court, supported by the Council and NHS that I had to abuse my medication in order to attend a hearing – one where I was not allowed my advocate, as I am autistic this is not right, and where neither the Judge or appointed lawyer had the required legal training in autism.

Furthermore, when left alone, when everyone else was making decisions about me, something that is plain wrong (I am autistic not retard), I hit my head against the wall 2000 times, for my lawyer just to laugh when told.
And then, when I pointed out to the Judge that I didn’t believe what she said to be true, I was patronised with her saying, Well Simon, lets see who has been practising the law longer?

Well, Court, guess what? I was right. My lawyer didn’t even listen to how I wanted to plea but made a decision for me.

I have asked for a Judaical Review to be made against the Judge and Court, for that to be ignored as well.
I am at my wits end to know what to do about this, every time I turn for help I am just ignored.

Well, how about this, I now have a PC in Hampshire, PC Reid (the only Reid in the HPC) whom has allowed me to use his name to vouch that I need help and am not lying scum.

Once more, I have attached the N1 forms that I have submitted, once more I sit here, homeless, without help and with no faith in what should be one of the founding parts of what being English means – a law system that is there to help its citizens. Well maybe it does, if that citizen is disabled, let along autistic.

Please call me on
And if it doesn’t get through, due to bad signal, or if I don’t answer it, never mind that I am medical exempt from having to do so, please, please, please try again.

I apologise for my tone, I am just pushed beyond my ability to cope, all alone in the world, ignored by the NHS and Council for my cries for help.

N1 Court Papers for RBK (001F).pdf
I am Autistic – this means you wont understand my reasons
Not even I do, the worst one being that although I need Rules, the only person whom can break them – is me / yes unfair
If you think all this is difficult, imagine what its like being the person who’s life is governed by them.
The written word is to me what talking is to you
Just because I send email DOES NOT mean I can or am able to read them
If you need to get hold of me then you must call,
If I don’t answer, please try again
Don’t waste time leaving a Voice Mail, as I cannot listen to them
For more information, if you happen to be the 1 in a 1,000,000
Please visit here for full details about communications with me