Dear Charlie,

You might remember me, I emailed you any number of times asking for the help that The New Care Act states that my Local Authority is supposed to provide me – just to ignore me.
Even after that time I went to the Police for help, and wasn’t laughed at by the PC behind the counter, and got a copper whom cared.
He and a colleague asked me what help they could provide, and when I said get me a meeting with you – he said, give me five minutes to get my coat and we will go over.

However, you changed you mind from when the receptionist called you and said the police where here to see you, and sent an aide in your place.
Now, I warned the two coppers, before the aide arrived, that what will happen is what I call a Circular Argument – instead of being able to comment and add to the discussion what will happen is the person will just start repeating themselves, as if that is an acceptable form of answer.
I told them that when that happened I will politely thank whom I was there to see and leave – after all it is not fair to remove two of the few officers from Kingston police station whom are open minded enough not only to listen to someone whom everyone else thinks is a lair from helping others but actually do what he is asking of them.

In came your aide, I asked why no help was forthcoming, the aide said no help was needed as I had a social worker, therefore was being looked after.
When in fact The Care Act states that I don’t even need a reason to ask to be made safe – there is a legal requirement to do so, then investigate whether I am right or lying.

I did say this to the adie, whom stated that as I have a social worker there is no need for my local authority to make me safe.
I risked repeating what the law stated for a second time, to hear the aide reply the same again.
I looked at the two police men and said, lets go.

Fast forward to now, when I am homless and forced to have let the area I have lived in for two decades.
This being after forced to go to court as I was told by your aide, the court and the NHS that I needed to abuse my meds to go – something I checked with one of the coppers on the way back, for him to tell me that it wasn’t right for me to have to do that.

So what happenes next?
Fortunately being analy retentive I have keep all the information about this, includeding those 250 pages of those 8 laws I removed which showed a breech against me.
Now I am putting it all together for a law firm to investigate.
As it has to be that as you did this to me, you are still doing it to others.

Yeah, I get you might not be too worried, after all the guy you replaced whom got fired for being useless, Bruce, got £250,000 bonus to leave.
Things is, I recon this might be Wilfull Neglect, and that comes with a criminal sentance.
One can but hope, however Ive been told that there is not a chance of the MD of a council going to prison, as that world prevent anyone taking the job up next.
Which is a very sad reflection, as it presumes that the next person will do something that would require such a thing to happen.
When if they actually do their job correctly what will happen is Kingston becoming a better place for all to live in.

Not me though, no matter what changes happen, as I was forced to leave, I don’t go back.
I go onto the next new thing, and hope that this time it will come without a battle –  one can hope.