Dear John,

So far I seem to be getting the same sort of thing that I got in Kingston – nothing!
Sure, I’ve had a call, only to be told it doesn’t matter what I am allowed, how many laws I can show prove it – there is no money to pay for it.

I’ve already sent you the pages of the Safeguarding Policy, showing how many things you should have been doing in the month or so since I reported in to the Safeguarding Officer in Basingstoke.
Yet nothing seems to have happened.

Which means I shall attached them to this post for you to have another check, whilst I sit back and try and figure out what to do next.
Not only to get help but as a homeless person what I can do to continue putting a roof over my and my cat.
The relative parts are underlined.

Then again, one hopes to be provided wrong.
As I have learned I move at a speed which makes what most people are doing look like nothing, maybe I will be surprised this week at the flood of help and support that suddenly comes my way.

Care and Support for Moving Areas