And so, three years after forced to sell my first, I am the proud owner of a:

Blackmagic Cinema Camera, 2.5k, EF Mount.

As for what else, man I’ve needed to get some bits, more importantly am dealing with a major space situation. Having to convert that disk to something else, copy yet more TB from one place to another.

However, its all worth it!
I am re-setting The Barn to give pre-set filming zones. The desk, do’h, being one, outside – Under The Dome – is another. And, well, we have green screen, baby!

Photos and full kit list to appear.
Software and Workflow also to appear here.

But first, as its been another night of no sleep, me has been to da shop for Bacon – now its time to fire up da grill and make some awesome bacon sandwiches. Who knows, maybe I’ll even photo a little of it 😉

Here is a post with more info