Upon seeing my iPhone had an update this morning, I thought I would check my Mac.
As any day now, Apples new OS, Big Sur, was due to drop…

As I woke up my Mac, I could see the little red 1 on System Preferences, which meant update.
And there it was, the new version of macOS, Big Sur, all 12gb of it.
So I hit download, and went to read about it.

The most amazing thing I found, was that there was a release of the new version of Blackmagics amazing editing software, DaVinci Resolve.
This was the beta release for version 17.
So, I hit download, and went to read about it.

Everything downloaded, very fast.
Using Disk Utility, I created a new volume inside my APFS container and called it Big Sur.
Then, after hitting the upgrade button, I pointed it at the new container, and off it went and installed.

Just like with every upgrade of Apples OS, there is no need to remove the old version, just install both.
This allows me to install and test my software, whilst still maintaining a Production Machine.
Just like with every upgrade of Apples OS, it just sat there for about 30 minutes, doing stuff.
Once finished, I found myself inside Big Sur.

Wow, there are differences, however, just like every drop of OSX and the first versions of macOS, everything looks just about the same.
More importantly, everything is in the same place.
This is one of the biggest differences between upgrading versions of macOS and Windows.

With Windows, when one installed a new version, there was a mixture of elation and dread at what the new OS would look like.
Sure, it was always nice to see something new.
It was never nice having to spend ages figuring out where everything had been moved too.

Not a problem with Apples OS.
Up until Big Sur, after an upgrade it was normally hard to see any real difference.
This time, there are differences to be seen, as well as some *slight* moving around of stuff.

On the whole, it does look gorgeous.
Sure, all the icons don’t have the same new look.
Just like there are a mixture of new alert windows and old ones.

Most importantly, everything appeared to be okay, and running fine.
And so, I installed the new version of DaVinci Resolve.

In order to get my old database recognised by the new version, I had to copy the folder into /Library/Application Support.
Once there, I then had to Disconnect the existing DB.
Then, once I had hit the New DB button, chosen Connect, pointed it to the folder and called the new DB Local, all my projects appeared.

All I then did was to open one up and check it was okay.

A quick flick through all the different pages and everything seems to be okay.
All I noticed where a few cosmetic changes to the UI, like on the Color Page the wheels have had a redesign.
All the new modules appeared to load.

At this point I took a load of screenshots, then switched back to Catalina.
When I should have leftt Big Sur sit there all night, downloading and indexing.
However, I am 8 days into my online backup of nearly 8TB.


I have now managed to link Big Sur to the existing data that’s backed up.
When I set the account up I used the option to link to my Google Account.
However, when I entered my email, it just sat there.

It the answer was to go to the online storage website and change my login.
I changed it to just email log in, and it then worked.
Its been churning away, out of 6.7TB there is 4.3TB left to do.

Images of Big Sur

I got really concerned about Hard Disk Failure, especially as my Editing Disk is comprised of a strip of two disks for performance.
Whilst this is a great way to get speed from those old phsyical disks for those of us whom cannot afford a SSD array, it does mean if one disk fails, it all goes.
Anyways, more details about my quest for online backup in another article.

All I need to do is add the screenshots I took and post this.
Over the weekend I will be dropping back into Big Sur and continuing the migration of all those things one ends up installing and not being able to live without.
Guess I should do a post on the software what I am using – not sure why other than it seems the sort of thing one should post on ones blog!

Images of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17


I have now switched to using Big Sur.
So far its been all good.

However, my iMac has done that reset thing which gives the white text warning.
Its done it about three times now.
I do not remember it doing it whilst using Catalina.

As for Resolve 17?
So far much like Big Sur.
There are changes. 
Most appear to be UI.
Simplifying and cleaning up, again, like Big Sur.

Does admiring that the thing you like about Apple moving, finally, from OSX to OS11 being:
“How much cleaner the new, flatter UI is?”
make me one of those designer types?

Who cares?
We love new software, and this has been a doozy.
The two things I love using getting a major drop.
All appearing okay even though this is the first version of a new OS.
Even more amazing is how a Beta one of Resolve seems to be running fine.