After a real, proper, full night worth of sleep, I went outside to find it was a beautiful sunny blue sky. It was a lovely sight.
Walking over to the services I checked my bank account, to find that the Basingstoke Country Hotel had not transferred the refund that I am due.

Never mind, I then went to McD and got breakfast, returning to my room to enjoy on the bed with my cat.
The rest of the day was spent inside a room where I could not even open the curtains, never mind the windows, in case someone walked past and saw my cat.
I cannot afford the £10 a fee a day for a pet or had the energy to try and convince, yet another place, that she should be regarded the same as a Guide Dog, as she is an Emotional Service Animal, which according to the Equality Act should be treated the same as a Guide Dog.
After a call from Hampshire Court I found out that the papers had not hit the system yet, and in order to find out what was going on I had to call the Main Centre.
Even if I had the credit, fortunately pre-warned, there is a huge menu system to navigate, before possibly getting to speak to someone – Autism would have kicked in and I would have risked a Meltdown.

This call was followed by Hampshire Safeguarding calling me back, another nice call with a man whom saw me at my worse, so it was nice to be able to speak using my normal vocabulary.
I asked him if it would be possible to call the head of Kingston Upon Thames CMHT and see if my housing situation could be sorted out.
Iain Richmond, head of RBK CMHT, had agreed to pay around £100,000 a year to send me to an Autistic Care Home, outside the area in a place called Croydon.
This being about as appropriate as sending Jeremy Clarkson to live in a rain forest.

To start with there was a test to get in, interview they called it, which caused me to have a Meltdown.
Neither of the two professional Autistic People tried to stop me hitting my head against the wall
As neither did my Social Worker – even though this was the second time she had been present when I had done this and I had spoken to her about it.
I have another document about the whole thing that I will get around to posting.

During the first six months of living in Tolworth all Iain would offer as an alternative was this Care Home.
It didn’t matter what appropriate types of house I sent him to consider, even though they where cheaper.

Yet I had been told many many times by a company whom houses autistic people to stop getting caught up on the price.
What mattered is what I needed to recover, the price that it cost was the price that it cost.
This is not how I think, no matter how hard I tried to readjust.
After all, Iain refused to get me a place that cost little more than the £2,000 a month Temporary Accomation cost, for a room in a building of twenty such rooms, which on the open market would have cost at most £1,000.
I even tried to get an investigation in whom was getting the Brown Envelope that allowed this to happen.

Down here, in glorious Hampshire, I have found a place that costs less than the £100k a year and even three people whom want to live there with me.
I am yet to hear how he progressed, but as I have asked for a call each morning so I can keep connected to this world, one hopes tomorrow to hear – not that I have hope that Iain has said yes. 

Iain was prepared to sit in my home, in front of two witnesses, and state that he has not, and will not, read the legal guidance for dealing with people on The Spectrum.
Even after following his orders that I had to do it his way, I still have got no help from him.
This leads me to believe that, alledgerly, one could file a Hate Crime against him.
RBK Met refused to accept this, not only laughing at me but refusing to explain to me what is the definition of a Hate Crime.

There was no call from Slater and Gordon, the firm I have been try to use to sort out the RTA I was in where the other party was arrested on the spot for Attempted Murder.
So another day of no progress towards help for the accident I was involved in almost three years ago now.
The rest of the day was spent in total frustration, trying to do nothing more than list the last two things I have for sale on eBay.
This is possible now I have a pre-paid credit card.

After entering text, adding photos and even linking a Paypal Account – which can now be used thanks to the card – it all failed when eBay told me that until I confirmed my bank account in Paypal I could not list anything.

So feeling braver than I really did, I finally found the phone number for Lloyds and called.
This also failed when it turned out I needed a password.
When calling back and somehow magically getting through to the operator section I was told that there was over a ten minute wait – as it’s a 24/7 number I am going to have to find a way to be able to talk to someone late at night.
I was just interrupted typing this up by a call from Admiral Insurance.
There is a misreported theft of one of my cars I was forced to sell for less than half its value.
When trying to sort out upon first discovery, either to have it removed as it was causing my new policy to double, or have the £4000 they say they paid out actually paid out, all I could achieve was neither for some reason that they understood by not I.

My new broker has a man whom could help with this sort of them, yet the letter I sent was around two weeks ago and neither has he called and it has taken them this long to call back.

After the normal phone stuff of me saying, sorry cannot follow and them saying okay I understand but still am going to keep going, they said that they are looking into it (something they have already done to no avail) and for me to chase this guy as to why he has not called yet.
Determined not to give up on ways of trying to fund the room at the motel I have for this week only, I managed to re-list one item on Gumtree at my new location.
I will have to remove the others and redo them later on today in the hope that stuff which did not sell in Hook will sell here.
When popping out in the afternoon I was gobsmacked to find a feather.
Deciding to break my rule of only taking feathers from places not near cars, I took it back in the hope that it would get the Marmite off the bed she had spent all of the day.

However hard this is for me I cannot explained what it must mean to her.
Marmite has gone from spending three trips outside, of around 90m, in the sealed garden of the last hotel.
One of the things the old General Manager used against me when we spoke.

As of yet, time of day fourth episodes of Top Gear on Dave, Marmite is show little interest.
I am going to have to take a risk and put together part of her indoor tree to get some interest out of her.
My over empathy ability spans from human to cat, knowing that she has no understanding of why she can now longer go out, let alone look out of the window.
Last night I watched the show, How did you get so rich?
This was not for any sort of entertainment perpose but for inspiration of how to make some money.
As someone who has taken a random meeting with someone in a queue to a Trade Show to the point of signing a deal with Bovis Homes, I am eager to find my next big thing.

Even though I have to admit that any ideas would not be possible for me to make happen.
I know this as after just a chat with the MD of the National Autistic Society and then the Trading Direction I got permission to train RBK Met, NHS and Council to the legal obligated level of Autisic Awareness they should have had since 2010.
But I have not been able to do so.
There is this barrier between me and the ability to make it happen, something I have never experienced before.I have come across all the people I need to make up the company, yet it has been me not able to do what I have spent my life being able to do that has stopped it happening.

Even getting the idea and battle plan for an App that could be The Big One, I have not been able to make it happen.
This has not stopped me looking, knowing that my best bet is my story, as it was validated by that Harley Street doctor, expert in Autism and PTSD, whom told me after here a brief synopsis of my life – you have managed to achieve quite a few amazing things.
Now my story is at over 1000 paperback pages, with only about half of it down.

Back to the show.
On there was a couple whom not only had made their millions from an App idea along the same lines as mine, they had gone on to their next thing via a genius use of Social Media.

I claim no genius at Social Media.
The only one I use is Twitter, and dispite posting all that has gone on and using it to contact five Member of Parliement, all I have got is my normal response of being ignored.
I watched this segment with great attention.
The result is the rebranding of my story, taking their expertise – or rather the snapshot I got from the show – and seeing if it makes a different.

And here is the result.
This site, my taking of video outside this afternoon and whatever I manage to make out of it, having nothing more than my iPad Mini to make the content.
Not that its a complaint, I am fortuante to still have it left.
It would be nice to have any of my previous technology, such as my MacBook Pro or Mac Pro to use, however all my stuff is residing inside Tolworth Cashconverters.
What I do know is this.
Homed for a week in the new place the need for alcohol that was their in the Basingstoke Country Hotel has gone.
Along with the pack of cigarettes I was consuming a day.
Whether its the new place or the change between the new place that has caused this massive change is not important.
What is important is the change.

What is sad is the friends and family I have lost after being kicked out of the other Hotel for being Autisitc.
I believe this to be the cause of my expulsion from the Basingstoke Hotel after all the other behaviours I have witnessed from the other guests which resulted in no punishment.

I will save that for another entry, as the show told me last night that its important to get a post up a day.
Time to work on the video I shot, make up more adverts for Gumtree and call Lloyds up.
Am hoping to get to recover very soon.
After I have convinced yet more people I am not lying scum, I am someone whom has suffered some sort of problem that is stopping him from being him, as we approach the anniversary of the day I went to bed weird but normal, only to wake up screaming autisitc.
Well, I managed to call Lloyds and got the number to give to my Paypal account, yet I cannot get eBay to acknowledge it, so I had to leave it for the day and see if it starts working tomorrow, no mater how desperate my need for money is.

I even managed to call up the hosting company I chose for this new site, however, by then I was barely able to keep it together on the phone.
It was down to the lady sounding American which help, along with her ability to remotely install WordPress.

I got off the phone a mess and needed to take Valium in order to help keep it together.

And so I now try to sleep, knowing that a day was wasted and hoping to find a working site and a linked eBay account in the morning.