It was with some wonder that I got a response to the complaints I raised on the Hampshire Police website.
This being that I have reported many a complaint to Kingston Met, only to be ignored by them and also the IPCC when asking them to follow up.

Here is a list of the questions that I asked. Oh, the gentleman whom visited me was also most awesome.
He took what I said seriously and also did the required autistic think, as someone he just does one believes whether one is autistic or not, of going back and forth to make sure that both parties are in agreement as to what is meant.

All statements are made in relation to Care and Recovery, rather than other Police matters.

Background Information

  • It is an individuals Right to be involved in the decisions made about them.
  • I have travelled to various places all over this world, even working for a billionaire for three months in Florida.
  • During the first forty years of my life I have suffered nothing that resulted in what is regarded as criminal abuse.
  • During the last four years of my life, being made to live as a homeless person, with Complex Mental Health Issues I have been subjected to every type of abuse, as defined in The New Care Act.
  • As someone whom without knowing I had a skill, owing to my high IQ,, of learning the Rules of Life from those around me, especially after the Domestic Abuse relationship with the Russian lady, I have built a new skill set to help protect me, in this Brave New World I should never have been espoused to.
  • After all, I am autistic, not retarded. Whilst wishing to say none of the following is said in arrogance, or to be taken as, please.


  1. Why did HPC put the decision about whether I am safe in the hands of a Duty Manager, whom didn’t know me, without telling me.
    1. A person almost half my age
    2. Whom has done none of the things that I had by that age
    3. Whom earns nothing compared to me at that age
    4. Whom said that if what had happened at 3pm, not 11pm, would have done nothing
    5. Whom didn’t let the other Duty Managers know, both of whom actually knew me
    6. Whom decided not to tell me what responsibility he had over me
    7. Whom did NOTHING when opening threatened by the old General Manager – an actual, obvious risk to my safety
    8. All of which are only said to demonstrate his unsuitability
  2. Why where the visiting officers not autistically trained, as was a legal requirement since 2010.
  3. Why where they not accompanied by someone with autistic experience, as is a legal requirement.
  4. Why did the visiting Officers not tell me that they had been shown inside my room.
    1. I made clear, later on that night, that under no circumstances did I want them in my room, or every looking in
    2. They agreed to this, not mentioning they already had
  5. Why did the Officers spend all, or even any significant amount, of their time not with the person whom they where supposed to be making sure was safe.
    1. As a result of this I was left outside, having an Autistic Meltdown, banging my head against the wooden fence
    2. The male officer came outside while this was going on, went to his car and returned inside, pretending not to see me, even though I saw him look at me
  6. Why did the male Officer not speak with me about the issues I wanted to talk to him about before he left.
    1. He said that he would remain to talk with me as long as was needed
  7. Why was my Carer, a girl over the age of 16 forceable removed.
    1. Even when her sister filed a missing persons report there was no legal ground to remove her.
    2. The police were aware that if her sister filed one more missing persons report, knowing that her sister was in my company, she was to be investigated for Harassment and Discrimination charges against me
  8. Why have neither Officer done anything about the fact that I told both of them, more than once, that I had been (removed) and that The Met have ignored my multiple attempts at reporting.
    1. It is not for them to decide if I am right in this allegation
    2. It is for a specialist team, which it should have been reported to
    3. I am willing to bet that if I had been female and said the same thing there would have been a different responser to feel confident that this document is correct.