I have always had a problem getting to sleep. Turns out I right, I do only need four hours sleep most nights.
It helps to have a 20 to 30 minutes nap in the afternoon.

(Crap, just realised that as I cannot read this small print that what the new prescription I know I need really means is failing further in these optical units which normally come with getting older; bugger)

These days I go one or two nights a week not sleeping, just laying there, processing.
Something that didn’t happen before the accident.
Given how my internal code rewrites itself is it adding a new Check Value before proceeding, From now on, one must check every action / pre-action to see if one caused / showed the check Potential Killing Indicator.

Then add where I lived, verses where I live.
Back there was an aggressive environment, and that was before the other tow turned on me, add that I’ve always called myself I’m running code inside that I can rewrite, lower code levels take longer.

Factor in that I feel safe at this place, took major time to introduce to staff, slowly, knowing that the other hotels staff level of control when I presented options was so low it was ignorable, add to that chat with manager about how to introduce my differences, strange thing was the was no denial you in him about this, he was straight into suggestions, implying at best that its more noticeable to others than I am not one than I thoughts.

Which allows the conditions for me to come out of fight or flight mode I’ve been running in, and varying High type levels, for, crimes, lest say start 2015, when fist eviction kicked in.
Here is safe, many levels.
Given energy to run, come of Mode, having to process base level at a few levels lower than I through low was, yet that caused hibernation before, ahh, which didn’t here through because didn’t befriend staff due to new code check.
That plus the lighting meant leaving almost easy..
Okay. Just seen time, must try this sleep thing.

Lights, background soundtrack, and a small amount of drink.Lets see