Notes for GP Meeting // 19.04.2017

  • Hampshire County Council have known about me for well over a month, therefore the Transfer of Care Statuary Guidance has had plenty of time to become operational. Not included the underlined pages I have sent CEO and Head of Adult Services – even via post.
  • Mood is swinging back and forth, which is normally a sign that Depression is about to come visiting, not something to look forward too.
  • Doing all I can, however, situation is becoming very much like that in Kingston, no one believes me, thinks I need help or appears to be doing anything about it – present company excluded
  • Selective Muteness was what I was trying to say last time, I say things in my head that I want so badly to say out loud, yet it appears the more badly the need, the harder / impossible to say
  • Thank you again for the way you treat and deal with me like an adult, like I am part of my own care – something I am not used to at all and is very appreciated.
  1. Have requested to old GP, via post even, that medical records get transferred
  2. Spoke with a lady called AD from Social Services
  3. She went to see what help was available
  4. Came back and said none
  5. I contacted old CMHT and asked them to transfer my records to her
  6. Do not know if successful
  7. Need help in getting OT report from Kingston – have tried, no luck – this was done by the Head OT whom admitted she had not met anyone like me and after trying to make me do things the way she makes everyone else, offered me a blank page to determine my own care, “it seems very clear you know exactly what you need… … its obvious that you need daily help” / back in December 2016
  8. Progress on being admitted to CMHT – autism / adhd / depression – medium with major episodes / Long Term Untreated PTSD
  9. Progress on getting a Social Worker
  10. Progress on getting access to therapy for dealing with the Long Term Untreated PTSD
  11. Progress on getting made not homeless