How many of you have had to dial 999, for the Police or another Emergency Service?
I have managed to go 46 years without doing so, only to have to use it a number of times since I was targeted by an ex-neighbour for a serious case of harassment.

Its just like it is on T.V.

“Which Service do you require?”
“Putting you through”
“Hello, this is the Police”
“My name in Simone Edgley, my Post Code is XXX XXX, I need a car sent out now as….”

And then you wait.

Here are the details of my last attempt:

I called at 19:28, 19:35, 19:54 – as told to by the Police if the individual in question continued to do certain things.

When I had been waiting for 45 minutes, I posted to Twitter making sure I included the @hantspolice.
Within 15 minutes I had a call from the Police telling me that I was the next person to be visited, as soon as the Officers had closed their current visit.
I asked how long, was told it was impossible to know.

And so I waited. I then posted on Twitter, again keeping @hantpolice on the message, after waiting 70 minutes.
Then again after 90 minutes.
Once more when it got to the Two Hour mark.
Then one final time when it got to TWO and a HALF HOURS.
Only for the Police not to bother contacting, nor visit, me.

At 22:04 I dialed 101 and cancelled the 999 call.
The Officer I spoke with said that the Police would very much like to visit.
At this point, I replied, I don’t really care what the Police would like, I am only interested in what I would like.
And so the 999 call was canceled.

Then it started to get weird.
I got a call at 22:16, from the Police it turned out once I had answered.
What did they want?
Well, my instructions via the 101 call had been ignored, as this Officer, again, was very insistence that the Police would like to visit me that night.
No matter what I said about what I would like, I was ignored.
And so I gave in, bullied into agreeing for the Police to visit.
I had gone out for alcohol, as it was the only way to deal with all that had gone on, I said that I would need 20 minutes before I was back home.
The Officer told me that he would call again, to make sure I was home, before dispatching Officers.

Can you guess what happened next?
45 Minutes later, the Officer called to say the Police would not be visiting my house that night.
I went slightly doolally at that point.
When I was told that my local Police Officer would visit the next day, I said No.
And no again and again and again as they tried to push it down my throat.
I said that the only Officer I was prepared to talk to was the one handling the case.
I was told he wasn’t on duty for another two days.

No problem, I said, after waiting two and half hours what’s waiting another two days.

Now I bet you know how this story ends.
Here am I, five days after the event.
And I still haven’t given the details to the Police.
Sure, the Officer turned up on Saturday.
However, that was just to get a signature for my statement.
He didn’t have time to deal with anything else.

And then it was explained to me. By someone with far more streetwise that I will ever have.

Given all the complaining you have done about the Police, what the hell do you expect?, I was told.
And so I thought about it.
Then remembered that the last 999 call I made I had to wait an hour for a response.
And that the Officer dealing with this situation had contacted 999 to make them aware of whom I am and what was going on – just in case I had to call them again.

And when I did? Well, you know that story now.
So I shall leave it up to you, Imaginary Reader, to decided what happened.
After all, how would YOU react to having to wait two and a half hours for the Police to respond?