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Notes for GP Meeting

Notes for GP Meeting // 19.04.2017 Hampshire County Council have known about me for well over a month, therefore the Transfer of Care Statuary Guidance has had plenty of time to become operational. Not included the underlined...

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Day Two

And so the second day starts, after still being up at 4.30am. Nearly made it to sleep much earlier except that I got a call from my Carer around 12.30 when the Police where in her house, after her own sister called them up,...

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To John, MD of Hampshire Council

Dear John, So far I seem to be getting the same sort of thing that I got in Kingston – nothing! Sure, I’ve had a call, only to be told it doesn’t matter what I am allowed, how many laws I can show prove it...

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To Charlie, MD of Kingston Council

Dear Charlie, You might remember me, I emailed you any number of times asking for the help that The New Care Act states that my Local Authority is supposed to provide me – just to ignore me. Even after that time I went to...

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To Iain Richmond, Head of Kingston CMHT

Dear Iain, You might remember me, I was the person whom you told that if I wanted to kill myself that was my decision, no one could stop me. Or maybe if I remind you that you stopped me being allowed a diagnoses for a PTSD, and...

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My Human Rights Letter

Am a bit scared to post this letter. If my friend, a teacher of Middle School children, hadn’t told me it moved him to tears when read (and he would have given it an A, not the B I was hoping for) I don’t think I...

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