Dear Iain,

You might remember me, I was the person whom you told that if I wanted to kill myself that was my decision, no one could stop me.
Or maybe if I remind you that you stopped me being allowed a diagnoses for a PTSD, and then treatment for one when I got a private diagnoses.
Ah, this will be the one, you sat in my room and told me that you hadn’t read what you are legally required to have to, for over five years, documentation about how to deal with people on The Spectrum, and that you wouldn’t.

If none of those remind you who I am, maybe this will be the one: you discharged me, someone with comorbidedity, autism, adhd, depression and a Long Term Untreated PTSD almost to the day my social worker, the only person in the NHS whom believed I needed help, retired.

I must commend you at being very good at your job.
Not the job that people think you have, however, your real one.
Keeping the spreadsheet detailing budget spending showing profit.
If one thinks how much you have saved denying me help, then times it by the 10,000 people in the Kingston area whom also have Mental Health problems then it must work out to be quite a bonus your inline for.

Shame really, as all those people need help.
Help that means they have a chance of a life, a chance of achieving things, a reason for being.
All those things you and your family have.
Remember that I know you have a son, as you told me that day I came into your hospital suicidal, you had to leave early to pick him up from school.
In such a rush you didn’t even bother to let anyone else know that there was someone downstairs who was so damaged ending it all was the only option he could contemplate.

Given how little you care about Mental Health I guess it doesn’t bother you that much.
Or maybe you think everyone is lying.
Not that it matters what you think, as you don’t need to being a public sector manager.
All your doing is counting down the days until you get to retire and enjoy that pension, paid for with all that money you saved.

Or maybe I’m the one who will not rest until you are investigated for your actions, and if shown I’m right, not only lose your job but risk being prosecuted for Wilfull Neglict and risk goal time.
Now there is a reason for me to keep going – bringing justice for injustice.