To try and stop the eight months of autistic torture that Winchester Council have inflicted on me, a specialist Autistic Social Worker met with one of the Heads of Housing as well as someone whom is responsible for the area where I live.
It was explained to them that in fact Winchester Council have to offer Reasonable Allowances in accordance with The Equality Act.
Additional, it was drummed into these two Council workers that when an Autistic Trait is fired that the person feels physical pain in response.

Yet, over a week later, the Council still has done nothing to even try and reduce the Autistic Torture that I face everyday.
In fact, the Council haven’t even bothered to speak to me about the situation since their training.
Something that is total unacceptable.

However, the normal process of taking someone to Court when faced with such a serious situation, is not available to me.
This is due to me reading up about the particular type of Tenancy Agreement the Council makes one signs to live here.
This Agreement means if one takes ones Landlord to Court, one is automatically evicted from their house.

This Term of the Contract seems to be contrary to The Human Rights Act.
Article 6 of the Human Rights Act protects our right to a fair trial – and is fundamental to the rule of law and democracy.
Yet if one is to be punished by losing ones house when taking their Landlord to Court, one has had this Right removed.

Which means all I can do is keep on putting this information online, in the hope that people start reading what is going on.
Only then can change begin to happen.

After all, if the Council are happy to have thought of me as Lying Scum for the last eight months, rather than believe the pain I am in, what chances are there of anyone else believing me?
Not much, as this is a battle that I face with everyone I interact with.

Which is why, I suppose, it was giving to me as a Moral Responsibility to help make change.
To help make all the Arrogant Neurotypicals understand, and maybe one day accept, that those of Us on The Spectrum have no need to make things up.
We suffer enough pain dealing with all the day to day stuff that there is no need – leaving aside that something like lying is more a NT trait that an autistic one.

Oh, I have asked the Social Worker to submit a claim of Abuse, as defined by The New Care Act, on my behalf.

Because every time I try to submit one, I am told I am wrong.
That no harm is being done to me.
Well, they are wrong.
Very, very wrong.

Yet as all us Broken People know, no one listens to us.
However, if we have a Normal Person next to us, saying the exact same things, they are listened too.